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Come join your favorite X-Men heroes: Professor X, Storm, Cyclops, and Wolverine, as they fight to save the universe against the ultimate mutant villains in Playtech’s X-Men video slot. This 5-reel, 25 payline slot is jam-packed with scatters, wild cards, bonus games, free spins, and more. It offers all of the fun of Marvel’s acclaimed comic book series and successful movie franchise¾plus, you have the chance to cash in on a 4-tier progressive jackpot that keeps growing and growing.

How to Pay  

X-Men is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 25 different paylines.

  1. To play, first choose the coin size where “Click to Change” is written on the screen. In this game, the coin size ranges from $.01-$5 (or the ZAR equivalent).
  2. Pick the number of paylines you want to play (1-25) by clicking “Lines” and the bet/line (1-10) by clicking “Bet Per Line.” Multiply these numbers to get the total bet.

*For example, if you choose $1 as your coin value and you click Bet Max on the machine, you’ll be betting 10x the coin value ($10) per line on 25 paylines for a total bet of $250.  Clicking on Bet Max will also automatically spin the reels.
Minimum Bet: $.01 for one payline
Maximum Bet: $1,250 (with a coin value of $5, 25 paylines, and $50 per line).
Paylines: There are no vertical paylines and as usual all winning combinations pay from left to right, however the X-Men symbol is an exception as it pays any way (left to right or right to left). 
The first 3 paylines cover the first 3 rows of the game. The rest of the paylines are a combination of diagonal lines connected to straight lines that go from one end of the screen to the other.
Wild: specifically says, “Wild” (50-10,000 coins). It substitutes all symbols except Scatter
Scatter: X-Men logo, 3-5 scatters trigger Heroes vs. Villains free games. The X-Men symbol also has a jackpot worth 100,000 coins
Hero-Villain Pairs: Cyclops-Juggernaut, Storm-Sabertooth, Nightcrawler-Mystique, Wolverine-Lady Deathstrike; 3-5 of a kind of these symbols award between 5-400 coins. Two to Five appearances of Professor X-Magneto award 4-1500 coins.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics will clearly resonate with any X-Men fan. The depictions of the most popular heroes and villains are combinations of the actors who play those characters in the first three films and the original characters in the comics.  Not only do you see the characters, but the game also features many of their powers.

Powers shown in the game:

  • Storm literally creates a lightening storm around her
  •  Magneto levitates and controls all metal with his hand
  •  Sabertooth attempts to bite the screen
  • Wolverine retracts his claws
  •  Cyclops shoots energy beams towards the screen
  • Juggernaut headbutts the screen
  • Mystique transforms into Professor X and Juggernaut
  • Nightcrawler vanishes into thin air
  • Professor X travels through people’s minds
  • Lady Deathstrike flashes her 12-inch claws

Each time you land on a wild card, the mutant gene flashes before your eyes with accompanying music. The game plays a variety of sound effects including music that indicates you hit one or more paylines, landed on special features like a wild card and the X-men logo, or when there’s an appearance of specific characters. For example, when Storm appears you can hear the wind whish past your ear, and when you see 2 X-Men logos, carnival music plays in the background.


X-Men like other Marvel slots, is connected to a 4 -level mystery progressive jackpot network with the following jackpots (listed from smallest to largest): Power, Extra Power, Super Power, and Ultimate Power.
Unlike other progressive games that require you to bet the maximum amount to qualify, here you may wager and spin any amount to enter the X-Men jackpot game. All of the jackpots are won randomly, though keep in mind that larger bets do offer a better chance of winning.

The jackpot game is composed of a 4×5 grid of 20 squares, which conceal many hidden jackpot symbols. Click on the squares to discover hidden jackpot symbols. If you see at least three of the same matching jackpot symbols, you’ve won that jackpot.  Since it’s a progressive slot, the volatility is fairly high, however the good news is that because the jackpot is constantly growing, you can potentially win a huge amount. To date, the largest win was in May 2014 and was nearly $1 million.

Special Features

One of the extra special features is the X-Feature that is triggered after any of the hero symbols (Professor X, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, or Night Crawler) hold 5 positions on reels 2,3, and 4, officially forming the shape of the X-Men logo. The X-feature also wins 5x your bet.
Heroes vs Villains Free Games:Triggered by 3 or more X-Men logos

  • Villains Mode: Triggered by Magneto’s extra wild symbol on reel 3 during Heroes Mode. Villains Mode consists of 8 free games.
  • Heroes Mode: When in Villains mode, Heroes Mode is triggered by Professor X’s extra wild symbol on reel 3. Heroes Mode consists of unlimited free games.

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