Memory Game roulette System

Roulette has enjoyed enduring popularity since it was first played in France in the eighteenth century, and this popularity has led many players to attempt to develop winning systems. Some of these strategies were developed by the mathematically minded and based around solid principles. But many less rigorous methods became popular through word of mouth, despite their lack of underpinning logic. The Memory Game system is one such method.

The Memory Game strategy is based on the theory that if a particular number has come up on one spin, it will not occur again in the short term, so players should bet on numbers that have not come up recently. We can’t be sure who came up with this strategy, but it isn’t too hard to imagine a frustrated player watching the roulette wheel spin and imagining that there was a pattern to the outcomes.

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Memory Game roulette System

How does the Memory Game system work?

The system is easy to operate and is flexible enough to adjust to your particular betting style. For instance, you can apply it to number bets, Evens/Odds bets, Red/Black bets according to your preferences. All you have to do is watch a few spins of the wheel without placing a bet. Note which outcomes occur, and then, when you are ready, place bets on the outcomes that have not occurred recently.

For example, if you’re betting on Red/Black and Black has come up several times in a row, you would then bet on Red. If you are betting on numbers, then you would avoid numbers that have come up recently. Some players go so far as to bet on all of the other numbers that haven’t occurred in the last few spins, to try to guarantee a profit.

You can choose to remember the outcomes, or write them down. Most people are usually only able to remember the last three numbers, so noting them down on a piece of paper is usually the most effective way to go, and easy to do when you’re playing online.

Pros and Cons

The Memory Game is easy to operate, and it can work with an aggressive betting style or a more cautious approach. And, whereas some roulette strategies can only be employed with certain bets, the Memory Game can be used on whichever type of bet you prefer.

Unfortunately, while it is simple to grasp and operate, the Memory Game strategy has a major flaw. It is based on the incorrect theory that if a number has come up recently, it is less likely to occur again. But this is not true. The chances of a particular number coming up are exactly the same each time the wheel is spin, regardless of the results of previous spins. The roulette wheel has no memory and there is no mathematical or logical basis to the theory.

It is human nature to see patterns and make links, but sometimes there are no patterns and the spinning of a roulette wheel, assuming it is a fair wheel, is one of those times, which is why the Memory Game Strategy is one of the least successful roulette systems.