Paroli System

The Paroli Roulette System is a progressive strategy. It has some aspects in common with the Martingale and the Parlay, and it remains popular with roulette players. In fact, many players claim that it is more enjoyable and less nerve-racking to operate than the Martingale.

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Paroli System

How Does It Work?

Like the Parlay System, the Paroli system is flexible enough to operate with any kind of roulette bet. While it is most commonly used on the even-money ‘outside’ bets of Red/Black, Odds/Evens, it can be employed with other bets.

Before you start to bet you need to decide on the size of your starting stake, and then on the number of winning bets or ‘progressions’ that you will play for. This is a similar process to that used for the Parlay System, but rather than choosing a set amount of money to aim for, you are setting the target on a number of winning bets.

If your first bet wins, you will put all of your winnings plus the original stake onto your next bet. You continue to do this until you reach your set number of winning bets or experience a loser, whichever comes first. In the event of a losing bet, you return to the start again and begin the process with your original stake size. Obviously, the higher the number of progressions you aim for, the more you can win, but the longer you’ll have to wait for a win.

For example, let’s say you have decided on a starting bet of R100 and you want to go for five progressions. You put R100 on Black and it wins. You then put the returns of R200 on the next bet. This is the first progression. If you continue to bet on Black and win, after four winning bets, you would have R1600. If your fifth bet wins, you will have R3200 and having hit your five progressions, you would stop playing at that point. On the other hand, if your fifth bet was a loser, you would start again on the next spin with a R100 wager.

Pros and Cons

Playing online roulette can sometimes be a complicated pastime, depending on how well laid out your favourite online casino site is. Having a simple betting strategy can therefore be a significant advantage, and the Paroli Strategy is easy to operate, making it a system that even newcomers can use without any difficulty.

It also has the advantage of flexibility. Players can choose the size of their initial stake, the number of progressions they want to go for and the type of bets they want to make. This means it is possible to tailor your approach to the size of your betting bank and your preferred playing style, which also makes it suitable for players of all types.

Another positive of the system is that losses are minimized. Even if you go for a long progression, you will only ultimately lose your initial stake with a losing bet, at which point you return to the start. This contrasts favourably with more volatile systems such as the Martingale, which can end up requiring you to use ever larger portions of your betting bank.

The Paroli System does have some disadvantages. Some players may find it frustrating that just one losing bet can result in losing all of the winnings accumulated to that point and a degree of patience is required to operate it. Nevertheless, while it cannot guarantee a profit, the Paroli System does offer a good balance between risk and reward and provides a flexible, effective strategy that players of any experience level can appreciate.