HTML5 casino

Throughout the early years of online casino gaming, it was normal for online casinos to use Flash technology to power the instant-play versions of their games. Technology never stands still. The arrival of HTML5 has made possible the creation of enhanced-quality casino games that are easier for all players to access. South African casinos are increasingly upgrading to HTML5 technology. This to offer the discerning South African gamer a better playing experience. This improvement has been most noticeable for mobile gamers.

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HTML5 casino

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The origins of HTML5 Casinos

The arrival of HTML5 technology has had a revolutionary impact on mobile gaming. Mobile device users tend to access online casinos through their browser. Prior to HTML5, each type of mobile device required its own specified app or downloadable software in order to access an online casino site. This made for a frustrating and confusing experience for online casino games players. A situation made worse by the fact that not all South African casinos offered apps for all of the devices. And many were slow to make those apps available.

In addition, those who used Apple devices were particularly disadvantaged. It was hard to find online casinos that were compatible. The move to HTML5 technology has solved this problem. It made possible for casinos to offer their games through one single software platform. That can be accessed by all mobile devices and operating systems.

The arrival of HTML5 Casinos

The aim of the first HTML5 gaming platform was to solve the problem mentioned above. They did this by enabling Apple product users to access online casino gaming through their iPhones and iPads. The HTML5 software is completely compatible with the iOS operating system and with all Apple devices. It was instantly popular with Apple users.

This was important because of the enduring popularity of Apple and iOS products, particularly among mobile device users. Although the Android market share has been increasing in South Africa, it remains much smaller than the market for popular devices such as the iPhone or iPad. This has made it crucial for South African online casinos and casino software developers to provide technology and software platforms that work well with iOS devices. HTML5 technology made that possible. South African gamers who use Apple devices switched to using HTML5 casinos in large numbers as the technology was rolled out.

Since HTML5 is also compatible with other non-iOS operating systems and devices, casino gaming sites and software developers did realistation. By switching to HTML5 technology, one casino could offer its range of games to all users. Regardless of which mobile devices they were using! So removing the need to offer a series of different apps or downloadable software. As a result, HTML5 soon began to replace both Flash and Java as the technology of choice in South African online casinos. You may still come across some older sites that continue to use these platforms.

HTML5 games

HTML5 casinos don’t just offer the convenience of being accessible on any device and operating system. Games that are developed for the HTML5 platform offer more attractive graphics and immersive animations. Greatly improving the quality of the product offered to South African gamers. And furthermore enhancing players’ experiences.

HTML5 technology has also enabled software providers and online casinos to offer a greater range of online games than ever before. Everything from the latest video slots to video poker. Also familiar table games such as blackjack and roulette are available through HTML5 casinos. They have enhanced quality and ever increasing interactive possibilities.

Another advantage of using HTML5 casinos is that the HTML software combines particularly well with the familiar touch screen technology. Also with modern smart phones to provide an easy, accessible way to play the latest casino games. Being able to interact with an online casino simply by touching or swiping makes it a joy to navigate the site. It enhances the experience of the modern online casino gamer. All of which is made possible through the advances brought about with HTML5 technology.

Accessing the games on a HTML casino site is straightforward. Whether you are using an Apple or Android platform. You have the choice either to play games directly through the web browser on your device, or to access and download the casino’s app onto your mobile.

Summary of HTML5 casinos

An increasing number of South Africans are accessing their favourite casino sites through mobile applications. For these players HTML5 casinos are ideal. They offer an enormous choice of the latest immersive and interactive games, through a fast and convenient platform that is easy to navigate. Thanks to HTML5 casinos, players are not limited by their choice of mobile device. Whether you choose to play your online casino games with an iOS, Windows, Android or Blackberry device. HTML5 casinos offer the seamless, gaming experience that the modern South African player has come to expect.

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