United Kingdom Gambling Commission

The UKGC are one of the most well respected and highly thought of regulators in the whole world. This is quite impressive for a regulator that has only been around since 2005. However, in that time they have shown themselves to be trustworthy and a leader in the field. They are often the first to implement new legislations that are aimed at protecting gamblers. They have also taken on more responsibility since the closing of the National Lottery Commission which has seen them become the most prevalent gambling regulator in Europe.

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United Kingdom Gambling Commission

Why does the UK matter to us in South Africa?

The main reason the UKGC matters to South African players is because it’s the most trustworthy and highly thought of regulator in the world. The UKGC are a trailblazer when it comes to protecting players and making sure that casinos behave in a fair manner. If you find a casino that has a licence from the UKGC then it means that they are a legitimate and trustworthy site to play at. Because they are so strict any casino that has a licence from the UKGC should be at the top of the list of any South African player.

What do the UKGC do?

The UKGC has a wide ranging number of services that they carry out. The first thing that they do is to make sure the operator of the casinos keeps the player funds in a different bank account to the company account. It means that players funds are kept separate and therefore if there are any financial issues with the casino they will be unable to use the funds that players still have in place to pay off any debts.

The UKGC is also very strict on verification of player ages. They won’t allow casinos and other gambling sites to operate if they don’t verify the age of the player when they sign up. They also make sure that the sites protect problem gamblers and don’t take advantage of them. There have already been large fines put in place for firms who haven’t complied with this legislation.

The UKGC are also very firm when it comes to using legitimate software. This means that if you sign up to a UKGC regulated site you know that you will be playing games on legitimate pieces of software. On top of this the promotions must be honest and transparent with customers. If they’re not then it will lead to players being reimbursed and fines being imposed.

The UKGC also make sure that fair payment methods are used. Casino operators will be unable to use payment methods that aren’t legitimate. This again protects the customer from any wrongdoing. There are also regulations in place to make sure that the casino operators offer the requisite customer service options to players.

Finally, the UKGC can also act as a mediator for any issues if enough complaints are made against a casino operator. This can even lead to the licence being revoked if the casino operator refuses to comply. This doesn’t mean the UKGC will get involved with singular complaints, it just means that if enough complaints are made then they will begin an investigation.

Getting a licence with the UKGC

To get a licence with the UKGC an operator must have a specific licence for every aspect of the iGaming industry. It means that there are separate legislations in place for every different aspect of the gambling industry. It’s also one of the most difficult licences to get, which means that online casinos have to ensure that they are operating in a legitimate manner before they can get the licence. This is why it’s such a good sign if an online casino has a licence with the UKGC.

Advantages of the UKGC

One of the main advantages to playing at a casino with a UKGC licence is that it’s guaranteed to be legitimate. Everything from the software that’s used to the payment methods are checked to make sure that they are legitimate. The dedication that they have to protecting vulnerable gamblers is also admirable. It means that if you are having troubles then you know the UKGC will have measures in place to ensure that the casino you play at won’t take advantage of you. This also extends to marketing information which cannot be shared to people who have voluntarily closed their gambling account.

Are they trustworthy?

The UKGC are one of the most trustworthy regulators on the planet. If you have an account with a casino that has a UKGC licence then you can rest assured that they are a legitimate and trustworthy casino. Of all the regulators this is the one you should look out for the most. A UKGC licence is seen as the holy grail for casinos.