Lightning Baccarat

Baccarat is a massively popular casino game, particularly among high rollers. This is largely due to it usually having a lower house edge than most other table games. A number of different baccarat variants will be available to you through live dealer casino sites.

One of the more unique variants that you will come across is Lightning Baccarat. This is an innovation from Evolution, having similar variants for the likes of roulette and dice games. This guide will explain to you exactly what Lightning Baccarat looks like and how you can enjoy the playing experience.

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Lightning Baccarat

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What Exactly is Lightning Baccarat?

Lightning Baccarat is very similar to the basic version of baccarat, with one main difference. Every round of this game will see between one and five cards being randomly generated.

These are lightning cards that will be taken from a standard 52-card deck. If your hand is a winner and you have matched at least one of your lightning cards, you will then get a multiplier. These multipliers will usually range between 2x and 8x your stake.

Basic Rules of Playing Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat sees the lightning cards being chosen before the main game starts. You bet on whether you think the banker or the player hand will be the ultimate winner. Two cards will then be dealt to both parties. Whichever of these hands has the closest total to 9 will be the winner.

There are two main types of side bets involved with Lightning Baccarat. These are the Banker Pair side bet and the Player Pair side bet. You will get a payout on these bets if the starting hand for the chosen hand ends up being a pair.

Payouts of Lightning Baccarat

For a standard baccarat hand win, you will get paid out at even odds if you have successfully bet on the player’s hand winning. If there is a tie and you have bet on one of the hands, you will get your stake back.

You will usually get paid out at even odds minus a 5% commission if you bet on the banker’s hand and it wins. In Lightning Baccarat, you will get 5/1 odds for a tie and 9/1 for successfully predicting a pair in a starting hand. If your hand is a winner and you have matched at least one of your lightning cards, you will then get a multiplier. These multipliers will usually range between 2x and 8x your stake.

As the payouts will be multiplied by every single lightning card that is showcased, you are able to win as much as 262,144x your bet. For this to happen, you will need to bet on a tie occurring, as well as having six lightning cards that match. In exchange for having these multipliers in place, you will see that a 20% lightning fee will be taken from every players’ total stakes.

The return to player (RTP) rating for Lightning Baccarat is 98.76%, which means that the payout rate is a bit lower than what you get with a standard game of baccarat.

Popular Lightning Baccarat Strategies

You are not going to have any guaranteed way in which you can always win when playing Lightning Baccarat. However, there are some basic tips and strategies that can come in handy when you are playing. Despite the 5% commission, your odds are going to be slightly higher when you are betting on the banker’s hand.

While many people prefer to not bet on a tie happening in a standard baccarat game, it can pay off handsomely with Lightning Baccarat as you will get access to the biggest possible payout in this case. Some people like to follow a Martingale strategy that sees them doubling their stake every time they lose a bet.

When they have a winning hand, they will then revert the stake back to their original bet. Lightning Baccarat can be very fun to play, but it is important that you know exactly how long you will be playing for and when you should walk away with some profit. This is a core part of being successful when playing most types of casino games.


If you are someone who enjoys playing baccarat, then Lightning Baccarat is a breath of fresh air. It creates some exciting new options when it comes to playing this classic title. With the chance to win huge sums of money, it has proven to be very popular among live casino players.