Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is a very popular live dealer title that is supplied by the market-leading Evolution. This type of lightning variant is an innovation that comes from the best supplier of live casino games around today. It puts a twist on a regular roulette title, providing some stellar multipliers for you each and every round.

You can increase the excitement and enjoyment factor when you test out this variant. It is something that adds additional intrigue to proceedings. This guide will explore all of the key aspects associated with playing Lightning Roulette.

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Lightning Roulette

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What Exactly is Lightning Roulette?

There are a lot of similarities between Lightning Roulette and a regular game of roulette. There will be a European table used as part of Lightning Roulette, which means that there will be one zero in play, as well as 36 numbers. The main difference is the possibility of getting a multiplier added to your win. This sees a number of different lucky numbers being chosen randomly by the game.

There can be between one and five numbers chosen. There will also be lucky payouts applied to each of these numbers. Therefore, lucky payouts can range from 50x and 500x your stake. This will be achieved if the ball finishes the spin on one of the lucky numbers and you have placed a straight-up bet on this number.

Basic Rules of Playing Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is not much different from a regular European roulette game. The same types of bets will be available to you. Once everyone has placed their bets, the lucky numbers will then be chosen and their accompanying lucky payouts.

If you place a straight-up bet on a number that is a lucky number and the ball finishes on this position, you will then get a multiplier. Otherwise, the game operators just like a standard type of roulette game.

Payouts of Lightning Roulette

There are some differences when it comes to the payouts on offer through Lightning Roulette. For example, in a regular roulette game, you will normally get a 35/1 payout if you successfully predict the single number that the ball finishes on. However, this drops to 29/1 for Lightning Roulette if there is no multiplier applied.

All other types of bets will pay out the same as a regular Lightning Roulette game, but no multipliers will be applied to these other bets. For the multipliers, they can range between 50x and 500x. The return to player (RTP) percentage for Lightning Roulette is 97.10%, which is slightly lower than the RTP for a regular European roulette game.

Popular Lightning Roulette Strategies

A lot of the different Lightning Roulette strategies will be similar to the approach that you take with regular roulette games. However, the multipliers create some extra considerations for players.

It is riskier to bet on single numbers in order to try to hit the multipliers. However, huge payouts will be on the cards if you are successful with this approach. If you are betting in single numbers, then it will not be a good idea to double your stakes every time you lose as this can quickly rack up and make you lose your bankroll.

A lot of people will use bonuses they have gotten from the operator through the likes of a welcome offer in order to play Lightning Roulette. This decreases their risk but can lead to them quickly meeting the wagering requirements of the bonus offer if they are successful and hit a big multiplier

If you are playing Lightning Roulette, you likely want some extra excitement than when you play regular roulette games. Therefore, it can often be best to sit back and just enjoy the playing experience by placing some bets on straight-up numbers and keeping your hardcore-focused strategies on more basic variants that have better RTP ratings.


As you can see, Lightning Roulette is a breath of fresh air to the roulette playing space. It puts an additional incentive on the line to place bets on single numbers. If you manage to hit the right combination, you can walk away with huge sums thanks to the multipliers that are in place.

By trying out Lightning Roulette for yourself, you can see if it fits your tastes or not. However, there is a reason why it has been a massively popular game ever since Evolution first offered it as an option.