Accounts at multiple casinos

Choice is undoubtedly a good thing, and having a wide range of online casinos to choose from is one of the advantages of being a casino player in the highly competitive modern online casino market. With so much competition out there, casino operators are fighting hard for your attention. They are prepared to pull out all of the stops to attract your business, so every time you go online you will find dozens of casinos vying for your attention.

Many of us are creatures of habit and we tend to settle on the first casino we register with. It can feel comfortable to stick to familiar games and layouts. But are missing out? By remaining with one online operator, how do we know we are getting the best deals and playing the best games? One way around this problem is to open and maintain multiple casino accounts with different online operators.

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Accounts at multiple casinos

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Zero in on the best sites

It would be big mistake to assume that every online casino is the same. Every aspect from the range of games and slots available to the quality of customer service can vary hugely from one casino to another. Most casinos launch their own versions of certain slots and table games to create distinctive playing experience. Even games that are identical can feel very different from one casino to another.

By maintaining multiple casino accounts, you will be able to assess the range of available games on the market and find the games that are most suited to your style of play. If you’re playing table games such as poker against live opponents, by maintaining multiple accounts, you will find it easier to get a favourable position at your chosen table. To choose the optimum time and place to play, based on site traffic and the quality of the opposition.

Make the most of bonuses

In the modern competitive online casino market, operators have to use increasingly generous bonuses and rewards to attract and retain customers. Many of these promotions, including welcome bonuses and deposit-matches are one-time offers, given to new players. Once you’ve taken the offer, you won’t be able to take advantage of it again. By opening accounts at several casinos, you can benefit from a number of these bonuses, maximising the benefits on offer to help grow your betting bankroll.

Sharpen up your game

For online casino players, it can be a natural instinct to settle on the site and the game that is most comfortable. But shaking things up is always a good idea. Poker players who use multiple casino sites will be exposed to a greater range of competition and variety of opponent. It helps them to sharpen their game, and slots and table game players will develop experience and knowledge. This while staying in touch with site promotions and special offers across the industry, enabling them to focus on the most profitable games.

Maintain your poker face

For online poker players, sticking to one or two casino sites makes for a poor strategy and makes it easier for other players to be able to profile you and find ways to beat you. It is much harder for your rivals to track your poker style if your playing history is spread around a number of sites. Maintaining multiple casino accounts helps you keep your poker face!

Loyalty Bonus

If there is a downside to maintaining accounts at multiple online casinos, it is the affect that such a strategy has on your ability to exploit loyalty bonuses. Many South African casinos reward regular players with a range of bonuses, including Free Spins, and loyalty points. By spreading your play around multiple casinos, it will undoubtedly take you longer to access these loyalty bonuses. It is up to you to decide whether the advantages of maintaining multiple casino accounts outlined above outweigh the reduced access to loyalty bonuses.


We humans are creatures of habit, and this tendency affects all aspects of our lives, including the way we spend our leisure time. But while sticking with the same online casino may make us feel comfortable, it isn’t necessarily to our advantage. By holding multiple accounts with different online casinos, you will be able to benefit from all of the latest bonuses. Furthermore sharpen up your play and find the ideal game to suit your style of play and betting bank.