Online casinos in Botswana

Botswana has plenty of gambling laws in place, however one blind spot that it seemed to have for a long time was online casinos. With almost all other forms of online gambling being fully regulated it took until 2017 for Botswana to start putting regulations in place within the online casino world. It means that it’s quite a new area for the players within the country. The main reason that the government took to start the regulation of online casinos was because illegal sites were becoming a problem. Of course the increased tax revenue will have been an important aspect as well, but curbing the rise in black market sites being used to fund organised crime was the most important issue. It means that players in Botswana are able to easily find sites to play at. It doesn’t necessarily mean that sites have to be located within the country, offshore sites can also take customers from the region, as long as they have regulation in place.

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Online casinos in Botswana

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The regulations that are in place for Botswanan online casinos are essentially quite simple. Sites have to have a license in place before they can begin taking players from the region. Part of the license is to ensure that players are protected from cybercrime but there also needs to be money laundering checks in place. This is in regard to both players and the site itself. As the sites that are offered tend to be legitimate companies the issues around money laundering are much smaller. This is mainly because the black market sites have been squeezed out of the market.

There are still a large number of offshore sites played by players though. This is because other countries tend to have a wider selection of sites available. For exam

ple South Africa has a fantastic range of online casinos that Botswanan players can enjoy.

The regulations within Botswana are also aimed at making sure the sites pay the requisite amount of tax. It means that playing at an online casino in Botswana provides funding for infrastructure within the country. It’s extremely useful for the country as a whole. Players don’t tend to be allowed to use Botswanan currency, so an exchange fee often needs to be paid. If cryptocurrency is allowed this does sidestep the issue slightly though.

South Africa

Because South Africa is one of the closest regions to Botswana that has a fully functional casino network in place, it means that it’s easy for Botswanan players to find high quality online casinos that are fully regulated. The culture between the two countries isn’t too different which means that what the sites tend to offer is appealing to players from both countries.

South Africa also has its own legislation in place which means that players are covered to a very high level in terms of safety and security. There are often licenses provided by Curacao, Malta and other trusted regulators. It means that players in Botswana are able to feel comfortable and safe when they are playing at online casinos.

Video Slots

With video slots often being known as the most popular casino game on the market, it is certainly no shock that there are a wealth of them available to players at online casinos in Botswana. Almost every online casino that can be played in the country has a great range of slots on offer. This includes titles with all of the latest features and progressive jackpots.No matter what you could want from a video slot game, there are available to players in Botswana.

Table Games

Botswana online casinos offer players the ability to enjoy a large range of different table games. Everything from Blackjack to Poker is available, so no matter what kind of table games players want to try out, it’s easy to do in Botswana. Players have access to a fantastic range of different games making it easy to find the game you want to play.

Players also have access to live dealer titles that can be enjoyed. These provide a real life dealer who will carry out each game. It’s played over a live video feed, so it does require a fast internet connection in order to play it properly. These titles are more immersive than other casino table games, so they do really bring players into the game.

Other Games

There are also plenty of other casino games available to players too. Players in Botswana can enjoy sports betting, online lotteries and bingo at casino sites. There are also plenty of other online casino games that can be enjoyed too. Titles such as Plino and fishing games both provide a lot of different gameplay that is highly enjoyable.


Botswanan players have a great selection of different online casinos to play at. It’s very easy to find a site to play at that’s both safe and has a great selection of games available. Because regulation is required in the country it means that players are very well protected.