Online Casinos in Ghana

Online casinos in Ghana is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. While online casinos have been allowed the whole time they have been in existence within the country, the number of internet users is quite low. In 2009 there were just a million internet users in the country, however by 2015 this had increased fourfold to 4 million. There’s no telling by how much this number has increased in the years since then. This is especially the case with affordable smartphones becoming much more commonplace. While online casinos are legal and easy to use within Ghana, the regulation that is in place makes sure that they are safe and secure for Ghanaian players. As a growth market it’s likely that the number of players will increase in the years to come, especially as it becomes cheaper and easier to access the internet.

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Online Casinos in Ghana

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There is a regulatory license that can be awarded by the Ghanaian government. However, because offshore online casinos are also allowed, there aren’t too many sites that have this license. A lot of this is due to Ghana not having a huge number of internet users. As the number of potential players increases then you could see more sites getting licensed by the Government of Ghana. Offshore sites that allow players from Ghana still have to pay tax into the country, so the country isn’t losing money by allowing offshore sites.

Many of the offshore sites that are offered to players in Ghana come from South Africa. This is because it’s quite close to Ghana and it has a wide selection of well regulated and legislated online casinos available.

What’s also good to see is that a lot of the offshore sites will allow players to use the Ghanaian Cedi. It cuts out any additional costs that players might incur if they had to exchange their currency. There are also a lot of sites that allow cryptocurrency, this is especially prevalent in South Africa where a lot of sites are starting to be progressive and allow for the use of crypto.

South Africa

South Africa is a country that offers a lot of offshore sites to Ghanaian players. It has a lot of different online casinos and there is a lot of regulation in place for these sites. Because South Africa has a lot of similarities to Ghana it means that the sites are very accessible to Ghanaian players. It makes sense to offer these sites to players in Ghana as it is a growing market.

The legislation that is in place for these sites means that players are also safe when playing here. On top of the regulation that Ghana insists on to keep players safe, South African sites also have regulation of their own in place. It means that the sites have to be fair and legitimate with the games that are on offer. There are also rules in place in regards to how data is used and the levels of security that are put in place.

Video Slots

The most popular games on the online casino market at the moment are without a doubt video slot games. These titles are exciting, fast paced and offer some fantastic prizes to players. Players in Ghana are able to enjoy a massive selection of different video slot titles, which means they have a good choice to pick from. There are everything from Megaways slots to progressive jackpot titles available. So players in Ghana have the ability to play titles that pay out incredible wins to players.

Table Games

The table game selections that are available to players in Ghana is also excellent. Players can choose from a big choice of different table games, such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. On top of this there are also some fantastic Poker choices. It means that fans of traditional casino games don’t have to worry about missing out on top class titles if they want to play in Ghana.

Ghana also has access to live dealer online casino games. These titles provide players with a more immersive table game experience. They are the table game but with a live dealer working over a video stream. This ensures that players can really enjoy the brick and mortar casino experience without having to leave the comfort of their own home. The only issue here is that a fast internet connection is required for these games.

Other Games

Ghanaian players have the opportunity to enjoy a massive range of different online casino games too. This includes fishing games, Craps, Plinko and plenty of other options too. These titles are all available at the offshore casinos that can be accessed too. So if you choose a site that is based in South Africa you will still have a massive selection of games to enjoy.


Ghana is a fantastic place for players to play online casinos. Although internet access is limited at the moment this is changing over time. The choice of online casinos is excellent and there is full regulation in place to make sure that players are kept safe.