Online casinos in Malawi

Malawi is a country that loves gambling. There are a number of land based casinos, sportsbooks and lotteries all run in the country. All of them tend to get huge numbers of players. While the local football league isn’t covered by sportsbooks, European football is huge in the country. However, there don’t tend to be any online casinos that are operated from within Malawi. This is a shock as online gambling is completely legal in the country and is well loved by people who live in the country. This means that Malawians have to play at offshore sites. As it’s legal there are no issues surrounding this, but it does make things slightly more difficult for players in some ways. As a market it is an area that could provide a lot of tax revenue to the government, especially as it continues to grow.

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Online casinos in Malawi

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Playing at an online casino is completely legal for Malawian players. So offshore casinos are perfectly within their rights to accept players from Malawi. There are currently no regulations in place in Malawi when it comes to online casinos, however this is something that is being spoken about. Because there is a large amount of tax revenue being lost every year, it’s expected that regulation will come in very soon. This could change the landscape within the country in two ways. Firstly, it would increase the level of safety that is associated with online casinos in Malawi. Secondly, an increase in tax revenue could lead to better infrastructure being put in place.

At this moment in time most players use offshore casinos that are located in close countries. South Africa is one of the most popular due to the cultural similarities between the two nations. It means that access to useful currencies, including crypto currencies, and games that are more suited to the nation is all available.

South Africa

South Africa is the most popular area to find online casinos for players in Malawi. Because it is quite close in relation to most other online casinos, there tends to be a lot of helpful features for Malawian players. The market is large and it means that players can use currencies that are more suited to their own needs.

Online casinos in South Africa also tend to have strict regulation and legislation in place. This makes sure that players can enjoy the games that are on offer without having to worry about their personal data or financial information being stolen. While this is a risk no matter where you play, when a site has regulation in place it is much more likely to have higher levels of security in place as well. On top of this regulated sites have to behave in a fair manner or they will lose their license. This protects Malawian players from disreputable behaviour.

Video Slots

Video slots are the most popular type of games in the casino world. Because they are such a vibrant and exciting game they grab the attention of players all around the world. This is no different in Malawi where players enjoy the titles that are available. Players are able to enjoy a large range of different games, including some of the higher paying progressive slot titles that are available. These come from the offshore online casinos, because there are no specific Malawi based online casinos yet. The high quality of these games keeps players engaged and ensures that they enjoy what is available to play. Video slots are likely to remain the most popular online casino game for a while yet.

Table Games

Players in Malawi also have a great selection of table games available to play. Covering Roulette, Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack, no matter the type of table game it’s available to players. Most sites also offer a range of different rules for each game, so players can easily find a game that fits into what they enjoy the most.

On top of the standard table game selections, there are also some excellent live dealer games available to players. These are essentially table games but with a real life dealer carrying out the game over a live video stream. These provide a more immersive experience and require a faster internet connection. Players are able to enjoy these games due to the hard work of developers such as NetEnt and Evolution Gaming.

Other Games

Players also have access to other kinds of casino games too. Titles such as Plinko, Keno, Craps, Bingo and lotteries are all available at offshore casinos. It means that players who don’t want to play the more traditional selection of casino games have a great selection of other choices to enjoy as well.


Although online gambling isn’t currently regulated in Malawi, it’s still completely legal. So players in Malawi can easily access a South African online casino and start playing right away. It ensures that high quality games with good levels of security are available to everyone.