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New online casinos come along all the time. This is because the industry is currently going through a period of growth. It means that casino operators believe the market has room for additional casinos, which with the large number of players around is definitely the case. The question remains though, should you play at new online casinos, or should you stick to the old favorites? We have looked at the pros and cons in order to help you make your decision.

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Lucky Dreams
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Vegasoo casino
  • Brand new online casino
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Casino Tropez
  • Established in 2001
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Fun Casino
  • 23 NO DEPOSIT free spins
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Spin247 casino
  • Fresh and new casino
  • Bonus up to R3,000
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The first main pro that a new online casino will have over an older one is that the interface is more likely to be up to date. This won’t just include how responsive it is, but it will also include things like being optimised to work smoothly with the latest mobile technology. You’re also likely to get a more modern look which will be visually appealing.

Next up the promotions, especially the welcome bonus, will often be much more lucrative. This is because a new online casino needs to bring in new customers. They will do this with impressive bonuses that will tempt players to move away from their old casinos and try something new.

New casinos also have a bigger chance of offering newer games. Because they are starting their games portfolio from scratch it means that players won’t have to worry about the site being bloated with lots of old and out of date titles. A new casino can pick and choose what they offer to customers and this means that older titles that don’t have the impact they used to can be dropped in favour of more up to date and dynamic games.

Lots of improvements come quickly. Because new casinos are still getting to know what their customers like, it means that the way the casino works can often change a lot early on. This is because the new casino will be working with the customers to get feedback on what they offer. This feedback will then be used to make improvements until the new casino resembles something that the majority of customers want. This is much less likely with an older casino that already has a loyal customer base and is set in its ways.

There will also be far fewer legacy issues. This can be issues that have been around for a long time but the casino is too big and popular to care about changing them. A new casino will value the customers a lot more and as such there won’t be long term problems that are destined to be there forever, because the casino hasn’t been around for the long term. This means that players will have a much better chance of the casino being right for them over time.


The first main con with using a new online casino is that there are no guarantees it will last for the long term. The main benefit to using an older online casino is that it has built up the business over a long period of time. It means that there tends to be a lot of finance behind the company and it can afford to pay out big wins without impacting on how well it can operate. A new online casino will rarely have this luxury which can make it a bit of a risk to deposit large amounts with them.

The potential for being scammed is also a lot higher with a new casino. Although the vast majority of casinos out there are legitimate and operate in the most reputable fashion possible, there are still some rogue casinos out there. A rogue casino is much more likely to be a new casino than an old one, so this means that if you’re playing at a new casino you’re putting yourself at a bigger risk. You won’t have to do as much background checking when playing at an older online casino, purely because it will have years to have built up a good reputation.

There may also be more issues during the early days of a new casino due to bugs. Not every casino will be up and running perfectly right away. A new online casino will be having real life visitors for the first time and that could cause issues that weren’t detected during the planning stages. This won’t be the case with an older online casino because they have already worked out all of the bugs years ago.

Finding the right casino

If you do want to play at a new online casino then it’s always worth remembering that we offer players the best resources around when it comes to finding the best online casinos available in South Africa. Take a look through the different options that we have available and you will be playing at the right online casino for you in no time at all.