Online Casinos in Nigeria

Online casinos are one of the fastest growing industries within Nigeria. Gambling is an area that was largely illegal within the country until well into the 1990s. With online gambling not really becoming a pastime that was accessible to Nigerian players until the 2000s, it means that online casinos didn’t really miss out due to legal issues. It’s an area that has a number of different facets that make it potentially one of the biggest growth markets in the country.

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Online Casinos in Nigeria

Choose a great South African casino


It’s completely legal for Nigerian players to play at online casinos. This means that both online casinos within the country and offshore casinos are available for players to enjoy. So Nigerian players are able to play at some of the bigger South African online casinos, although depending on the casino there might be some restrictions in place. However, this would be an issue on the other side rather than the Nigerian end.

Not only this, but as long as the online casino has the correct regulations in place then it can also be played by South African players. This helps to bring in additional revenue to the country in the form of taxes.

While there is no specific regulatory license for online casinos in Nigeria, the availability of offshore online casinos means that Nigerian players can play at reputable sites quite easily. So even though there isn’t a Nigerian regulatory license, if a site has a license from another well regarded regulatory body then it adds a layer of trust for players. What’s also a bonus is that sites in South African and some nations within the rest of Africa allow players to use NGN to make payments. It ensures that players have plenty of choices and don’t have to worry about making currency conversions when playing at online casinos.

South Africa

What’s a huge positive is something that’s already been touched on. The offshore casinos that are mostly available to Nigerian players come from South Africa. This is because it’s a large market that is already established and it is very close to the country. This close range ensures that it is much easier to create a product that can be relevant for both markets. Currencies are one big issue that is covered with a lot of South African casinos allowing Nigerian players to play with either their own currency or with cryptocurrency.

What’s most positive about South African casinos being available to Nigerian players is that regulation tends to be in place at the reputable sites. This gives Nigerian players a sense of trust and fairness when choosing a site to play at. While you can never guarantee complete fairness, looking through high quality casino reviews will make it much easier for players to choose a site that is legitimate.

Video Slots

One of the most popular types of games that are available to Nigerian players at online casinos are video slot titles. As slots are some of the most popular games on the market in general, it’s no surprise that they are popular to Nigerian players as well. The top titles on the market tend to be offered which means that everything from single payline retro slots to Megaways titles can be enjoyed. There are also progressive jackpot games available which adds an extra layer of enjoyment to players. The big prizes on offer in these games can create life changing wins for players.

Table Games

The table game choices that are available to Nigerian players are excellent. Players can expect to see Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker when playing at offshore online casinos. Sites that are based in South Africa for example can offer players titles from Evolution Gaming and NetEnt as well as other live dealer providers. These are one of the fastest growing areas of online casino games due to the immersive experience that they offer. It means that the table games can offer both enjoyable standard casino games and titles that take things a little bit further.

Live dealer games do require a slightly faster internet connection than other games though. This is due to the live streaming that they use to provide the experience. Seeing the real life dealer in full HD means that a slow connection can lead to quality issues and this can potentially impact the playing of the game.

Other Games

There are also other types of games available to players. Some of the more niche casino games such as Plinko and Fishing Games, make playing in Nigerian one of the most diverse experiences around. Of course, these titles can come from South African casinos as well, so the offshore casinos offer just as much choice as onshore casinos do.


With online gambling being completely legal in Nigeria there are no issues when it comes to finding the right site to play at. With South Africa located closely it means that players will have no trouble finding a well regulated and trustworthy site to enjoy.