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Parimatch Promo Code: How to redeem the Parimatch bonus for Sports Betting and Casino?

How to redeem the Parimatch code?

Bonus Details:
Bonus Deposit
Converts to Real Balance:
5x Bonus
Parimatch Sports Bonus
100% up to ZAR500
Bonus Code
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T&C Apply. 18+
Bonus Details:
Bonus Deposit
Converts to Real Balance:
30x Bonus
Parimatch Casino Bonus
150% up to ZAR7500
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Are you in search of equitable and affordable betting and casino promotions? Come and explore the Parimatch Bonuses to uncover why they stand out from other available offers in the market — there are numerous benefits for all users.

We checked out all the bonuses available in the promotions section of Parimatch and were amazed by the options we found. Whether you're into sports betting or enjoying online casino games, this platform offers deals for everyone. Keep reading to discover the main advantages that you can take advantage of today.

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Minimum/maximum deposit 1 - 50000ZAR 5 - 50000ZAR at least ZAR50 30 - 50000ZAR at least 30ZAR 5 - 5000ZAR at least 30ZAR 5 - 50000ZAR 5 - 200000ZAR at least 5ZAR
Minimum/maximum serve 10 - 50000ZAR at least ZAR250 at least ZAR27 at least ZAR100 at least ZAR100 at least ZAR50 at least ZAR50
Fees Earnings 1.5% Earnings 1.5%
Deposit deadline 1 - 3 Days immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate 1 Hours 1 - 3 Days
Withdrawal deadline 1 - 3 Days 1 - 3 Days 1 Hours 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 - 3 Days
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Douglas Uggioni

Introduction to bonus offers - Advantages of Parimatch

It's no secret that gambling and casino websites often provide bonuses for both new and existing users. But have you ever wondered why this is the case? The answer, in fact, is quite straightforward: to deliver enhanced experiences.

Online games provide an endless source of amusement, and with the inclusion of bonuses, the user experience can become even more rewarding. As the number of casinos and betting sites continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly common to come across a wide range of offers. This is due to the market competition, which makes this feature a significant differentiating factor for platforms to stand out.

However, sometimes numerous choices leave the audience undecided about which one to choose. Because of this, we are always evaluating the top deals in the market, and right now, we will delve deeper into the Parimatch betting bonus, available to new users. Keep reading, as there is plenty of information in this material.

Welcome bonus

The main emphasis of this article will be on the Parimatch welcome bonus. It is applicable exclusively to sports betting and offers a 100% boost up to ZAR500 on the initial deposit made on the platform. While it may appear to be similar to other bonuses found online, the conditions set by Parimatch enable you to fulfill the requirements effortlessly, setting it apart from other existing betting rewards.

Additional bonuses

Parimatch is not just about the welcome bonus. On the website, you can discover numerous other promotions that are valid for online casino games. Additionally, seasonal bonuses are available for a limited time on the platform, so we urge you to stay alert for each Parimatch promotion that is launched. These promotions are usually highly appealing and, what's more, they are not limited to a single category, with options available for both sports betting and online casino games.

How to easily use the Parimatch bonus

Now that you have been acquainted with Parimatch's welcome bonus, it's time to discover how to claim it and earn your 100% addition up to ZAR500. Furthermore, we will inform you about the key regulations set by the platform to facilitate the withdrawal of your bonus.

First and foremost, we would like to inform you about the minimum required amount to access the bonus, in fact, this is one of the main reasons why the promotion stands out. To claim it, you must make a deposit starting from ZAR1 - yes, the company only requires this amount.

This attribute demonstrates Parimatch's commitment to establishing affordable values, as this promotion can be effectively utilized by users with limited resources. However, there are still other advantages available to you, which can be explored below.

In addition to the affordable value - which, when combined with the most advantageous odds for betting, can enhance your overall experience - Parimatch has implemented a low rollover requirement, set at 5 times. This means that you must wager the bonus amount five times before being able to withdraw it from the platform.

The bonus expiration date is 4 days, hence this will be the available time to fulfill the rollover. Initially, it may seem like a short period, however, this is something that varies depending on the deposited amount in the house. Consequently, we recommend that you make a transaction that allows you to meet the wagering requirements within the deadline, which is not difficult, considering that Parimatch requires a minimum investment of ZAR1 for this bonus.

What types of bets are accepted in the bonus?

It is also crucial to discuss the minimum odds at which you should bet when using the welcome bonus. Parimatch requires the game odds to be at least 1.90. There are no restrictions on live betting in the terms and conditions of the offer, so you can take advantage of the bonus in this mode.

We have compiled a list of additional information that you should be aware of in order to make the most of the welcome bonus. Here are some important points to consider:

  1. Parlay bets and systems are not included in the requirements.
  2. Single bets returned via Cash Out will not be taken into account.
  3. If you edit a bet and add events, it will not be valid for the offer.
  4. If the requirements are not fulfilled within 4 days, the bonus will be taken off your account.
  5. Temporary limits on withdrawals from the account are in place until the bonus requirements are met.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the key rules governing the Parimatch welcome bonus, it's time to discover how to claim this enticing promotion. Take a look at the following step-by-step guide:

  1. Create your Parimatch account.
  2. Make the required minimum deposit.
  3. Fill in all personal information to avoid any issues with withdrawals.
  4. Fulfill the wagering requirements.

You can gain access to the bonus simply by meeting these requirements. If available, you can also utilize a promotional code from Parimatch at their establishment. This is one of the most accessible bonuses we have come across in our Review, as we understand that there is a portion of bettors and players who may not be able to make a significant investment when depositing on a website. Undoubtedly, Parimatch is also aware of this reality.

An aspect that also stands out in Parimatch's bonus is its lack of restrictions on specific payment methods. In other words, you can utilize any of the available deposit options without it hindering your access to the promotion. This feature is worth mentioning as there are some competitors in the market that limit access to offers based on the chosen payment method.

To conclude, we advise you to consistently peruse the terms and conditions of bonuses, as they frequently undergo alterations periodically. We have provided a comprehensive overview of the information during our Review; however, it is imperative to set aside a moment from your day to peruse the rules of the offer and be well-informed about every detail required by Parimatch when redeeming your bonus winnings.

Top 5 expert tips to maximize the risk-free bonus offer from Parimatch

As we mentioned earlier, there are certain rules that need to be followed when claiming a bonus, whether it's a Parimatch bonus code or a Pixbet promotional code. The perks always come with requirements, as is customary in all online gambling platforms, ensuring that they don't incur losses while providing these promotions to users. It's essential for the smooth operation of these platforms and to maintain a fair and balanced playing field.

However, certain individuals end up disregarding the established terms and conditions, resulting in the loss of access to the bonus. Understanding this reality, we have set aside 5 days of expertise for you to be able to enjoy the Parimatch bonus without the risk of encountering any issues.

1. See how long the Bonus will be credited

This is crucial when claiming bonuses, as it prevents conflicts between the user and the platform. There are certain instances where the bonus amount is credited promptly; however, certain promotions, such as the one offered by Parimatch, may require a variable timeframe for the bonus to be added to your balance. It is essential to be aware of these variations and manage your expectations accordingly to ensure a smooth experience.

For instance, the welcome bonus at Parimatch is deposited within 24 hours once the deposit is completed. However, the specific timeframe may vary depending on the betting platform you are using. Therefore, it is crucial to be mindful of the stipulated time to avail the bonus, be it at Parimatch, Rabona's promotional code, or any other available options in the market. If the allotted time has elapsed and your bonus has not been credited, it is advisable to immediately reach out to the customer support team for assistance.

2. Check out the other Promotions at the casino

While the Parimatch welcome offer may be extremely enticing, it's possible that you might not be interested in taking advantage of it. Therefore, we suggest that you always check out other bonuses available in the house's catalog and use the one that best suits your requirements.

Choose wisely, as there are available Parimatch casino bonuses, in addition to the popular seasonal offers that are constantly being added, enhancing your enjoyment. Typically, you cannot explore everything at once, so make a wise selection that suits your preferences, ensuring maximum amusement.

3. Pay attention to the odds

The Parimatch welcome bonus is specifically designed for sports betting enthusiasts and requires wagers to be placed on games with minimum odds of 1.90. This means that if your bet is placed on a game with odds lower than 1.89, it will not be eligible for the promotion. This requirement is a common practice among the majority of bonuses offered by betting websites and apps in South Africa.

Therefore, it is always advisable to check the minimum odds required by the bookmaker. This way, you can prevent facing disappointments when using the bonus. Moreover, refrain from using your funds on games that will not be counted towards the wagering requirements.

4. Ensure that it will be possible to fulfill the rollover

The fulfillment of the rollover requirement holds paramount significance when it comes to any bonus utilization, as the failure to meet it within the designated timeframe will result in the complete forfeiture of the bonus entitlement.

Considering the relatively short validity period of the Parimatch bonus, it would be wise to contemplate the amount you can wager within this timeframe. However, fret not, as determining the minimum required deposit of ZAR1 should not pose a challenge. Take your time to assess your options and make the most of this opportunity to enjoy the exciting world of betting.

5. Analyze Bonuses in other casinos

We must take into account that other houses may have offers as good as the Parimatch bonus. Therefore, we suggest reading the review on the promotional code of Sportingbet, which presents alternative possibilities.

When considering the bonuses provided by alternate platforms, one can make a more informed decision on which one aligns best with their needs, thus avoiding unnecessary financial losses. Hence, it is crucial to always conduct a thorough Review!

Commonly asked questions about the Parimatch bonus - Clarify any doubts you may have.

We often receive inquiries regarding Parimatch bonuses, so we've compiled the top five questions to provide you with clear answers and address any uncertainties you may have concerning the promotion.

Prior to delving into the inquiries at hand, we would like to emphasize the fact that Parimatch is a trustworthy platform that poses no risks to your security. It is not unusual for many of our readers to have concerns about this matter, and we completely understand and appreciate that.

This concern is entirely valid, given that security is a crucial factor when using the internet. However, rest assured that all our recommendations have been thoroughly tested and are completely secure. As such, we always strive to provide you with high-quality information.

Now, let's move on to the main queries!

Can I use the bonus at the casino?

The welcome bonus cannot be used in the online casino; however, Parimatch acknowledges the popularity of games and offers certain casino bonuses that can be enjoyed by users along with other perks.

How can you claim the bonus?

In order to avail yourself of the Parimatch welcome bonus, it is necessary for you to wager the bonus amount five times within a four-day period on games with minimum odds of 1.90. Additionally, you must comply with the other terms and conditions set forth by the platform.

What is the minimum deposit required to access the bonus?

One of the most affordable promotions available in sports betting sites is the welcome bonus, which requires a minimum deposit of ZAR1 to gain access. It is a fantastic opportunity for newcomers to take advantage of this offer and begin their betting journey with a low investment. This promotion stands out for its accessibility, as it allows bettors to start their betting experience without breaking the bank. Don't miss out on this incredible chance to kickstart your sports betting adventure with just ZAR1!

In which sports can I place bets?

Parimatch places no limitations on this matter, meaning you have the freedom to place bets on all the sports offered by the platform, as long as you adhere to the requirements specified in the promotion's terms and conditions.

Are the bonus rules fair?

Yes, Parimatch is completely upfront with its users and clearly outlines the rules that must be followed to enjoy the bonus, so you don't have to worry about that. There are no unattainable requirements in the promotions — whether they are in the house section or acquired through a Parimatch code — and furthermore, it is entirely feasible to fulfill the requirements within the specified time frame. Rest assured that Parimatch makes it easy for you to maximize your benefits and enjoy a seamless experience.

Additional reward and loyalty programs - What exists beyond the welcome bonus?

Within Parimatch, you will discover several additional bonus options apart from the offer designed for new users. To enhance your experience, the platform features a loyalty program that can bring you incredible advantages, even without access to a Parimatch promotion code or any other coupon.

Get cashback on live casino games.

The Parimatch casino bonus is truly remarkable, providing you with the opportunity to not only enjoy the complete live casino experience but also earn cashback by playing any game within this category from Monday to Wednesday. This exceptional offer ensures that you can maximize your winnings while immersing yourself in the thrilling ambiance of a live casino. Don't miss out on this incredible chance to enhance your gaming experience and boost your cash rewards.

To make sure your cashback is credited, you must meet a wagering requirement of 20x within a two-day timeframe. The minimum refund amount is ZAR1, while the maximum can go up to ZAR3,600. Without a doubt, this live casino promotion is an excellent choice.

Fidelity program

The loyalty program offered by Parimatch presents an excellent opportunity for users to maximize their benefits. By participating in this program, individuals gain access to cashback rewards based on their bonus balance. However, it is important to note that there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled in order to qualify for these rewards.

  • Choose the type of offer
  • Choosing two sports included in the promotion.
  • Win pre-match/live bets, single/parlay, on the official website or mobile app of Parimatch.

The refund percentage varies depending on the selected offer when claiming the bonus. If there are settled bets with odds below 1, using cash out, permutation system, or placed in one month and settled in another, they will not be included in this promotion.


At Parimatch casino, you'll find a variety of captivating tournaments exclusively held for select in-house games. These thrilling events offer the opportunity to win cash prizes exceeding six figures, with Lady Luck being your only requirement for success.

The notion of organizing casino tournaments is quite intriguing and further enhances Parimatch's appeal in our Review. These events can also be accessed through the site's or betting app's promotions section. Make the most of everything in your favor!

Seasonal promotions

To conclude our section on additional promotions, we would like to emphasize that Parimatch regularly offers seasonal deals, ensuring that its users can always make the most of the platform. The range of offers is diverse, with some tailored for online casinos and others for sports betting. However, every single one is extraordinary, enabling you to fully enjoy Parimatch and enhance your gaming experiences.

Usually, you don't need to employ a Parimatch coupon to access the offers, as they are made available in the promotions section of the website itself, and you can activate them effortlessly.

Parimatch Bonus Sports

Bonus Introduction

The bonuses offered by Parimatch are extraordinary and unquestionably rank among the finest in the market. By creating an account, you gain immediate access to a 100% increase of up to ZAR500, an enticing incentive that enhances your gaming experience. Moreover, the house also extends seasonal offers, providing an added layer of excitement to elevate your overall engagement.

Practice Test

We have put several Parimatch bonus options to the test and were pleasantly surprised by the seamless user experience the platform offers. The minimum deposit of ZAR1 is incredibly affordable, and we encountered no issues when making the deposit to take advantage of the welcome bonuses. The accessibility of the deposit process was truly remarkable, allowing us to fully explore the benefits of joining Parimatch.

Bonus withdrawal

In order to redeem the Parimatch welcome bonus, all wagering requirements must be met within the specified timeframe set by the casino. For the initial offer, the rollover is set at 5x and must be fulfilled within a 4-day period. However, it is not a challenging task to accomplish since the casino only requires a minimum bet amount of ZAR1 to qualify for the promotion.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming the bonus

In the realm of betting bonuses, the most prevalent pitfall lies in fixating on the promotional ceiling, which typically reaches lofty heights. This entices certain bettors to deposit the maximum amount in order to gain access to the funds, only to subsequently fall short of meeting the established wagering requirements. Hence, it is advisable to deposit an amount that aligns with your own circumstances, even if the 100% increase does not result in a substantial sum.

The final verdict on the bonus.

Undoubtedly, the bonuses offered by Parimatch are incredible and deserve your attention. You have the opportunity to double your initial deposit, up to ZAR500, right after registering with the platform. Furthermore, you gain access to a variety of sporadic offers that provide advantages for the users. We have personally tested this offer, and it becomes even better when put into practice. Why not try it out for yourself?

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
100% up to ZAR500
Bonus Deposit
T&C Apply. 18+
Visitar Parimatch
Redeem Bonuses
Parimatch Bonus Casino

Bonus Introduction

Parimatch offers a live casino bonus that allows you to earn up to 10% cashback while enjoying any of the games available in this section. Moreover, the platform hosts casino tournaments with incredible prizes that can exceed ZAR100,000 and forever change the winner's reality – all within a few rounds, after all, we never know when luck will be on our side.

Practice Test

We were pleasantly surprised by the sheer simplicity involved in testing the bonuses available for the Parimatch casino. The ease of the process exceeded our expectations, providing an excellent experience with this establishment.

Bonus withdrawal

Withdrawing your funds from Parimatch is a straightforward process, requiring you to simply fill in your profile details and submit an identification document. It is important to familiarize yourself with all the terms and conditions as wagering requirements may vary depending on the bonus used. Make sure to stay updated on the specific terms associated with each bonus.

Traps and what to avoid when claiming the bonus.

Once you claim the bonus, it becomes crucial to carefully go through the terms and conditions in order to circumvent any potential disturbances and losses, as neglecting the established rules is the foremost pitfall prevalent in the realm of online casinos.

Final verdict on the bonus

The casino bonuses at Parimatch are fantastic and can be greatly enjoyed by players. There is an amazing cashback offer for live casinos, in addition to the tournaments organized by the establishment, which can grant you astronomical cash prizes. If you are a fan of live betting, it is definitely worth taking advantage of Parimatch's promotions, as they continue to amaze us every day. You will be pleasantly surprised by the multitude of opportunities to boost your winnings and enhance your gaming experience.

Casino Bonus
Casino Bonus
150% up to ZAR7500
Bonus Deposit
T&C Apply. 18+
Visitar Parimatch
Redeem Bonuses

Overall conclusion about the Parimatch Bonus - Should you use it?

Based on our comprehensive Review of the Parimatch bonus for new users, there is no doubt that this is one of the finest offers in the sports betting industry. The value it provides is incredibly affordable, and the withdrawal requirements are not overly challenging to meet. As a result, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of this promotion, as it presents an excellent opportunity for you.

If you have access, it's advisable to utilize a promotional code from Parimatch to gain even more advantages. However, it's not mandatory as there are incredible offers in the promotions section that can be easily taken advantage of. We will always share the best ones with you, if available, right here!

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
100% up to ZAR500
Bonus Deposit
T&C Apply. 18+
Visitar Parimatch
Redeem Bonuses

Main FAQ about the Parimatch bonus in South Africa

What is the minimum required amount to access the Parimatch welcome offer?

We understand the significance of minimum deposit information in helping bettors determine whether or not to choose a betting site. Hence, peruse our review and stay informed about everything you need to know regarding the minimum deposit.

Is it safe to use the bonuses available on Parimatch?

When starting your betting journey, the first aspects to consider are the reliability and safety of a betting site. At South Africa , we conduct thorough analyses of the leading betting sites available in South Africa and worldwide, aiming to assist you in finding a secure and trustworthy betting site. Check out our comprehensive reviews for more information.

Does Parimatch offer bonuses for new players?

Welcome bonuses are one of the primary methods used to entice new users to sports betting sites and online casinos. In our article, discover our thoughts on the new player bonus we discovered at Parimatch. Take a look at what we found!

Is it worth using the bonuses available at Parimatch?

Every bettor loves to receive bonuses, and at Parimatch, they don't disappoint. It's crucial to always check the terms and conditions of each offer, and our review is the ideal place for you to do just that.

Are the requirements for the Parimatch bonus difficult?

The difficulty of a bonus can differ depending on the type of offer and the established rules. Don't miss out on reading our guide, as it can definitely assist you in gaining a better understanding of the Parimatch bonus requirements and help you make an informed decision. Make sure not to overlook it!

Parimatch Bonus User Ratings: Evaluations from Users

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  • Deposit using cryptocurrencies
  • Fair betting requirements
Parimatch Sports Bonus
100% up to ZAR500
Bonus Code
Visitar Parimatch
Visit Parimatch Sports
T&C Apply. 18+
  • Softwares premium
  • Enjoy playing free demo games.
  • Exclusive offers
Parimatch Casino Bonus
150% up to ZAR7500
Bonus Code
Visitar Parimatch
Visit Parimatch Casino
T&C Apply. 18+
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