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Online scratch cards, or ‘scratchies’ are popular for being, quick, easy – and straightforward.  Physical scratch-off cards are really popular in South Africa and the online versions are even better, giving you the same fun and excitement without having to leave home.

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Scratch Cards Are Easy to Play

Playing online scratchies is fun and can be very rewarding. You don’t need to learn any complicated rules or be a strategist to have fun (on the other hand, if you are a strategic thinker, try Roulette too).

In fact, this is one of the best features when it comes to scratchies- anyone can play. You just choose a card and scratch off parts of it to reveal numbers or symbols hidden. Depending on the type of card, you will need to match a certain number of symbols to win a cash prize. The more you pay for your digital card, the more cash you can win. And the more scratchies you buy, the better your chances.  So, start today and play for some awesome bonuses.

How to Play Online Scratch Cards

To start playing online scratchies, you’ll need to open an account with an online casino (find in-depth reviews of our best online casinos here).

The rules for most scratch card games are pretty similar:

  1. Go to a casino in your web browser and choose a game.
  2. Place a bet. Usually you can do this by clicking on the plus or minus button on the game’s coin selector.
  3. Click the “new card” button. You will then be shown the image of a scratch card.
  4. Scratch away the card’s surface. Most casinos either give you the option of scratching away slowly using your mouse (a great option if you love the anticipation and suspense) or, you can choose to reveal everything in one go.
  5. Once the surface of the card has been scratched, you’ll see a number of boxes containing symbols. If you have three of the same symbols, you win a lump sum (usually a multiple of your original bet).

As they’re luck-based, scratch cards are great for online casino beginners and players of all levels. You could get up to 50 times your original bet as a payout, which doesn’t hurt, does it?

What are the odds of winning with scratch cards?

When it comes to physical cards, the odds are fixed. When you buy one at a store, the cards have already been made and sold with a set number of winning cards and a set number of losing cards.

Online scratchies are different; the outcome is based on a random number generator meaning your odds of picking a winner are much higher.

Check out other casino games and compare your odds.

Scratch Cards Strategy  Can Make a Difference

Because they are based purely on chance, you will hear most people say that there’s no point in trying to develop a scratch card strategy. While this might be true to some extent, being a bit more strategic when playing can help you get more out of your experience.

Scratch card games are simple yet surprisingly fun. It is a good idea to set spending limits before you start playing so you don’t find yourself in the hole.

To make your gameplay last longer, start by placing lower bets so you don’t spend all of your money in a few high stakes sessions.

It also helps to play a few games for free before you wager any money. This gives you a chance to see how the game works and understand the payout table.

So Many Scratch Card Choices

One of the great things about playing online scratchies is the sheer variety of fun themes to choose from. Many of these themes have different rules so make sure you know what makes a winning card before you start scratching.

Most online casinos offer a range of different cards. Playtech casinos, in particular, have some great options for South African players:

Lotto Madness – This is one of Playtech’s most popular games. You can to play up to three cards at the same time, which makes Lotto Madness a bit more complex, but also more exciting.

Each card consists of a 3 x 3 grid and the game takes a lotto-style approach where five balls are rolled out along the top of the screen. If any of the numbers on your card match the lotto numbers, you win the amount listed below that number (up to a maximum of $37 000).

Like many other online scratch cards, this game comes with some great additional features, including a cash symbol that will land you an automatic cash prize, and a wheel of fortune symbol that gives you access to a bonus feature.

King Kong Scratch – This is another popular Playtech online scratch game and it is a “must play” for fans of the 2005 blockbuster movie.

Instead of the standard 3 x 3 grid of nine squares you’ll see on most scratchies, this game consists of only six squares.  To win you’ll have to scratch and match the prize symbol to any of the squares. Having fewer squares is more challenging but adds to the thrill.

Start Playing Today

Whichever type of online scratch game you decide to play, and whether you’re just trying out different games or you’re in it for the long haul, you’ll find you can reap great rewards and have loads of fun without the need to know complicated rules or have a master game plan.

Scratch cards are a simple way players of all levels can have a lot of fun and, potentially, win big. If you can’t decide where to begin, check out our recommended casinos.

They’re fun and easy to play, so get started today.

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