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What is the Stake Promo Code?

Bonus Details:
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Stake Casino Bonus
200% up to $2000
Bonus Code
Visit Stake Casino
T&C Apply. 18+
Bonus Details:
Converts to Real Balance:
Stake Sports Bonus
200% up to $2000
Bonus Code
Visit Stake Sports
T&C Apply. 18+
Bonus Details:
Converts to Real Balance:
Stake eSports Bonus
200% up to $2000
Bonus Code
Visit Stake eSports
T&C Apply. 18+
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Many South African bettors are curious to know if there is indeed a bonus from Stake for sports betting. At South Africa247, we have uncovered all the details about this site's welcome offer. To start with, the promotional amount is quite high - up to ZAR 5,000!

Discover the wonders of the Stake bonus code and promotional code, explore the ins and outs of the welcome promotion, and delve into its terms and conditions. Uncover the vast array of benefits waiting to be claimed at this esteemed betting establishment. Join us on this journey of enlightenment and seize the opportunity to make the most of the enticing promotions offered by Stake. Prepare to be amazed as we unveil everything you need to know about Stake's incredible offers.

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Payment methods
1 Day
Medium Rare N.V.
Customer support
Live Chat, Email
IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Service)
  • OFFER Bonus
  • Requisitos bets
  • Withdraw do Bonus
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
Minimum/maximum deposit at least 30ZAR at least 30ZAR at least 30ZAR at least 30ZAR at least 30ZAR at least 30ZAR
Minimum/maximum serve at least 30ZAR at least 30ZAR at least 30ZAR at least 30ZAR at least 30ZAR at least 30ZAR
Deposit deadline immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate immediate
Withdrawal deadline 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days 1 Days
Security alta alta alta alta alta alta very high
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5 stars
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Douglas Uggioni

Understanding Stake's offerings

Before we delve into the Stake promotional code and its benefits, it is crucial to gain insight into the context of the promotions offered by this website. Similar to other betting sites catering to both gamblers and casino players, Stake's offers serve specific purposes.

You will come across a variety of offers on betting websites, including the following ones:

  • Welcome Bonus: this promotion is aimed at new customers and aims to multiply the 1st deposit, or generate advantages for the new bettor.
  • Promotions for frequent bettors: these are the offers betting bonus provided so that players feel motivated to continue depositing.
  • Loyalty program: This is a promotion by Stake that is also available on other betting sites, aiming to keep you motivated to continue betting or playing at the casino.

For bettors like yourself and us here at South Africa247, what we should bear in mind is that the more promotions we come across, the better! Of course, not all offers are appealing enough to be activated. The key is to carefully evaluate the options and select the most enticing ones that truly captivate our interest. It's important to take the time to sift through the multitude of choices available and identify those that truly align with our preferences and betting strategies. Remember, quality over quantity is of utmost importance when it comes to selecting the promotions that will maximize our betting experience. Keep an eye out for exclusive deals that offer enhanced odds, generous bonuses, or unique features that can significantly boost your chances of success. It's all about finding that perfect balance between valuable promotions and your personal betting goals. So, gear up, explore the vast array of offerings, and unlock an extraordinary betting journey filled with thrilling opportunities and rewarding experiences.

That's because certain promotions come with very high wagering requirements or require specific codes. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to thoroughly read about the conditions of the offers and their attributes.

At South Africa247, we go beyond evaluating the Stake betting bonus and delve into other promotions offered by various websites. If you're keen on learning more, we invite you to explore our article on the promotional code, along with the other sites we've thoroughly reviewed!

When exploring alternative options, you have the opportunity to assess and determine the most suitable one for your betting preferences. However, let's shift our focus back to the Stake bonus and delve into how you can make the most of this enticing offer.

Get to know a Stake
  • Simple registration
  • Promotions available for both existing and new users.
  • An appealing loyalty program
  • Functional and intuitive website
Sign up for Stake

Using the betting bonus from Stake

To make use of the Stake bonus, there are certain rules that you must adhere to. We have broken down these steps into comprehensive and detailed descriptions to ensure clarity. Please follow them closely to fully avail of the bonus benefits.

Our aim in doing this is to ensure your comprehension of how the Stake coupon works, just as we did in our Review of other offers from different websites, such as in our article on the 7bit promotional code, for instance.

Find a promotional code.

To avail the welcome promotion on this betting site, it is imperative that you enter the Stake promotional code while creating your account. Hence, it is crucial that you are well-informed about the bonus coupon and the perks it provides before deciding to use it.

We at South Africa247 recommend that you utilize the Stake code listed on our website when opening your account. This will be the optimal approach to ensure that your account will qualify for the welcome offer.

This special offer varies from the 10bet promo code as it does not require any bonus coupon to activate the 10bet offer. On the other hand, with Stake, you will need the code, or else the offer cannot be activated.

Create an account on Stake.

To take advantage of the Welcome Bonus at Stake, you will need to have an account registered on this betting site. Therefore, the second step to enjoy the promotions offered by this company is to create your account.

This stage comes after the Stake promo code as you will need to use the bonus coupon right after signing up. To create an account on this betting site, all you have to do is click on the registration button at the top of the screen.

Complete your details and verify your information in order to access your account and then take advantage of the sports offers or the preferred Stake casino bonus among the promotions available.

Verify your information

Before taking advantage of the top betting odds to wager with your welcome bonus, it is essential to verify your registered information on this betting website. After reaching out to Stake's customer support, we learned that the required verification level is 3.

The verification process for activating the Stake bonus code you entered during registration consists of three levels. These levels are designed to ensure the utmost security and reliability. The first level involves confirming your email address by clicking on the verification link sent to you. Once your email is verified, you can proceed to the second level, which requires verifying your identity. This step involves providing a valid identification document, such as a passport or driver's license, to confirm your personal details. Finally, the third level of verification entails confirming your payment method. You will need to make a small deposit using the chosen payment method and validate it by following the provided instructions. Once you successfully complete all three levels, the bonus code will be activated, and you can start enjoying the exciting benefits it offers.

  • Level 1: Complete all the information in your account, including your address, date of birth, and everything else.
  • Level 2: submit your proof of identity, which could be your passport, driver's license, ID card, CPF (tax identification number), or work permit.
  • Level 3: Submit your proof of address in .jpg, .png, or .pdf formats.

Once you have completed these three levels of verification, only then will you have an eligible account for the Stake welcome bonus.

Make your first deposit.

Now is the time to double the value of your first deposit! That's right, Stake's promotion, just like other live betting sites, doubles the amount of your initial contribution. However, there are some rules that need to be respected.

To avail the Welcome Stake bonus on this betting website, a minimum deposit of ZAR 100 is required for your first deposit. In this scenario, if you deposit between ZAR 100 and ZAR 2,500, you will receive double the amount you have deposited. Your initial deposit will be matched with an equivalent bonus amount.

However, using the promotional code Stake as discussed in the previous steps, you will earn ZAR5,000 in your account for deposits exceeding ZAR2,500. This incredible bonus can only be unlocked by applying the mentioned promotional code during the registration process.

Please wait for the promotional value to be credited.

By adhering to all the guidelines provided by Stake's code that we have shared thus far, the promotional balance will be credited to your account. The period for the welcome promotion credits to be credited is within 72 hours from the time of your deposit.

If you convert that number of hours into days, it's like waiting for 3 days for the promotional amount to be credited to your account. In case it doesn't show up, we recommend reaching out to the customer support of this betting website as soon as possible.

When talking to them, make sure to provide all the evidence that you have followed the instructions of the Stake bonus and that you have waited for the appropriate period for the promotional balance to be credited to your account. They will definitely be able to assist you, as they are exceptional agents!

Fulfill the wagering requirement of the bonus.

When evaluating the Vulkanbet promo code, we thoroughly examine the wagering requirement, commonly referred to as the rollover. This step is crucial in any sports betting promotion.

When we analyzed the Stake promotional code, it was evident that their bonus wagering requirement entails placing bets forty times the additional amount you received. It proved to be consistent with our findings, indicating that in order to fully utilize the bonus, you have to wager the accumulated extra funds forty times over.

Perplexed? Not exactly. Let's dive into a practical example to help you grasp the inner workings more effectively. Suppose we employ the Stake coupon and proceed to make our initial deposit of ZAR 100 after verifying our account.

In this manner, the activated Stake betting bonus is credited to our account, granting us an additional $100 to wager within a span of 72 hours. However, in order to access our winnings from this bonus, we will be required to bet this amount 40 times.

Therefore, in order to be able to withdraw our promotional winnings, we should wager the bonus balance 40 times. What's intriguing is that this offer is applicable to sports as well as Stake casino bonuses, and can be wagered in both sections.

When it comes to the casino, the fulfillment of the wagering requirement will be contingent upon the specific game you played and the house edge associated with that particular game. We advise you to peruse the terms and conditions of this promotion to ascertain which games qualify for meeting the casino's wagering requirement.

One of the pointers we've prepared for those looking to make use of the welcome bonus from Stake South Africa is this, but there are plenty more we'll be sharing below.

5 expert tips to make the most of Stake bonuses.

We mentioned earlier that we have prepared some tips for you to make the most of Stake's promotion in the best way possible. The first of these we discussed in the previous topic: reading the rules of the welcome offer on this sports betting site.

In addition to the aforementioned tip we have shared about Stake South Africa's promotions, we have prepared other suggestions that you should be aware of regarding the deals on this website. There are a few additional pointers we would like to provide in order to enhance your understanding of the offerings available on this platform.

Use the correct Stake Bonus Code

There are numerous choices available to redeem the Stake promotion code and claim the welcome bonus. However, not all the available coupons are truly eligible for the new player offer.

That's why we recommend you make use of the Stake bonus code listed here on South Africa247. This will ensure that the welcome promotion on this betting site is truly activated in your account after you verify your details and make the first eligible deposit. By doing so, you can take full advantage of the enticing perks and benefits that await you.

Correct no minimum deposit value

The amount you will earn in the Stake bonus will depend on how much you deposited in your 1st deposit. If you deposit between $100 and $2,500, you will earn double the deposited amount - depending on the code used, you can earn up to 200%. However, when depositing more than $2.5 thousand, you will earn $5 thousand in your account.

Consider carefully how much you wish to deposit in order to activate the bonus on this betting site. This will have a significant impact on the promotional balance that will be credited to your account for you to enjoy as a new player.

Keep an eye on the list of unqualified games

We gathered details regarding the Stake promotional code by reaching out to the customer support of this sports betting website, and they enlightened us on the existence of certain games that do not meet the wagering requirement.

The rollover requirement for the Stake bonus cannot be fulfilled by playing a selection of games accessible through a link provided by the support team of this betting platform. The list of ineligible games is extensive in size. Therefore, it is essential to verify these details in order to determine the game of your choice and ascertain whether it qualifies for the rollover.

Take advantage of other Stake Promotions

One of the major benefits of the Welcome Bonus Stake is its compatibility with other promotions available on this betting platform. For instance, your qualifying bets contribute towards the loyalty program. Additionally, this welcome bonus can be combined with other exciting offers to enhance your overall betting experience. The versatility and flexibility of this bonus allow you to maximize your rewards while enjoying various aspects of the betting site.

In this manner, as you fulfill the wagering requirement, you simultaneously accumulate loyalty points and reap the benefits as you progress within this promotion. By doing so, you not only meet the betting criteria but also earn rewards that come with advancing through this particular offer.

Bet by Phone

We have examined several betting apps and put the advantages they offer to the test. When it comes to Stake, one advantage that you must not miss out on is the opportunity to fulfill the wagering requirement through your mobile device.

Stake does not possess an application that can be employed to meet the wagering requirement of the welcome offer. In this scenario, it is recommended to utilize the mobile version and place bets promptly in order to fulfill the rollover and withdraw your earnings as swiftly as feasible.

The most frequently asked questions about the bonus.

When activating the bonus on this sports betting and casino site, sports fans may have many questions. Even with our tips, we suggest that you check the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this site's offer to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Are the bonuses offered by Stake trustworthy?

We have previously confirmed the reliability of Stake for several reasons in another article we published here on South Africa247. Consequently, activating the welcome promotion on this betting website is secure, without any concerns regarding potential issues with your data.

Can I use Stake's bonus on sports and casino games?

Yes, you can utilize the Stake bonuses to wager on sports or indulge in casino games. The wagering requirement applies to both these sections, which is a remarkable advantage offered by this website. Unlike its competitors, it allows promotions to be utilized in multiple sections, making it stand out in the industry.

How can I determine how much I will earn in the Stake promotion?

The code you use in your account will determine everything. In the case of South Africa247, the advantage is a whopping 200% on top of your deposited amount. So, if you deposited ZAR 100, you will earn ZAR 200.

Where should I fulfill the wagering requirement of the Stake offer?

The completion of the wagering requirement for the Stake bonus can be fulfilled in both the sports betting section and the online casino. However, not all casino games are eligible for you to meet the rollover and access your winnings. The list of qualifying games can be found in the rules of the welcome offer on this betting site.

Does the Stake bonus apply to mobile devices?

The promotional code Stake that you input during your registration, as well as the promotion activated in your account, are also valid for your mobile device. Although this betting platform does not have a dedicated app, the browser version is sufficient for you to avail the new player offer - along with accessing other promotions. Rest assured that whether you are using a desktop or your smartphone, you can easily take advantage of these lucrative deals.

The loyalty program offers additional benefits.

With or without a Stake bonus code, you will be entitled to this betting site's loyalty program. Understanding how Stake's VIP program works is straightforward. Before diving into the accumulation of points and progression, let's first highlight the levels you can reach.

  • Bronze
  • Talk
  • Gold
  • Platinum I-III
  • Platinum IV-VI
  • Diamante

All players who register with or without the Stake promotional code automatically become members of the VIP program. For those who have just registered, these players will be included in the Bronze level.

Levels are unlocked based on the wagered amount within the Stake. Access to Bronze level benefits is granted once you reach a milestone of $10,000. For Silver, the threshold lies between $50,000 and $100,000.

As your level progresses in the VIP program, the values increase. What makes Stake's program even more intriguing is its tracking bar that allows you to monitor your progress. Discover how your advancement unfolds and unlock greater rewards as you ascend the ranks. Stay motivated and keep an eye on your journey with the interactive progress bar offered by Stake's VIP program.

Let's say you are 60% completed towards the silver level. In this scenario, the calculation that needs to be performed is as follows:

  • Prerequisite for the silver level - bronze requirement multiplied by the percentage completed.

Therefore, the silver level requirement is $50,000, while the bronze level requires $10,000. On top of that, the percentage is 60%. Plugging in the numbers, we get: (50-10)x60%. In this scenario, the amount you have already accomplished is $24,000. Consequently, you are left with $24,000 to reach the silver level. After all, you already possess the $10,000 from the bronze level.

When it comes to benefits, the VIP program grants you access to rakeback, monthly bonuses, and a plethora of other perks. The higher your level, the greater the advantages that will be at your disposal for your account. You'll have an array of benefits awaiting you as you ascend through the ranks.

Stake Bonus Casino

Sports and casino bonuses

The welcome bonus from Stake can range from 100% to 200% of your initial deposit amount. The specific percentage will depend on the promotional code you used and the terms and conditions of the activated offer in your account. It is important to carefully review and understand the rules associated with the promotion before making your deposit.

In our situation, the advantage amounts to 200%, and the potential value can reach as high as ZAR 5,000. With a minimum deposit of ZAR 100, we instantly receive a bonus of ZAR 200 to wager on sports or play casino games in order to meet the betting requirement.

Testing the Stake bonus.

When we tried out the Stake bonus, we encountered certain challenges in grasping its functionality, as this betting website operates in a slightly distinct manner compared to its rivals.

When it comes to other betting sites, for instance, there is no need for you to use a promotional code. However, at Stake, a bonus coupon is required, which will be provided to you after your registration.

In our case, the activation of the welcome promotion on this betting site was tested from the moment the promotional code was implemented to accessing the account verification area. The procedures, although easily locatable, are intricately tailored to ensure the successful activation of the welcome offer.

Wagering requirement

The wagering requirement for Stake's welcome bonus is quite high - 40x! It was quite a challenge to meet it, and since there are many casino games that do not qualify, we had to exercise caution to ensure compliance and avoid wasting our efforts on games that wouldn't contribute towards fulfilling the requirement.

Our emphasis has been on sports betting, where the Stake promotion works incredibly well and where our expertise lies. Consequently, we have sidelined the casino aspect and concentrated solely on placing bets on sports.

Avoid mixing your bets.

What struck us the most was how confusing it became to understand how much would be contributed to the wagering requirement in each section. As a result, we solely focused on the sports area.

In this manner, it became much easier to grasp the extent to which each wager would contribute to the welcome bonus and how we were progressing in the advancement of this offer. We advise you to prioritize fulfilling the wagering requirement in a single section, preferably in the realm of sports. It is highly recommended that you also concentrate on meeting the betting prerequisite within one category, particularly focusing on sporting events.

What we learned about the Stake bonus.

It was quite pleasant to discover that the Stake bonus applies to both the casino and sports betting. However, what caught us off guard was the high wagering requirement in order to withdraw our winnings. It's impressive how much value they place on ensuring players meet certain criteria before cashing out.

The process of activating the offer with the Stake bonus code was slightly more intricate compared to other betting sites we reviewed. However, this did not hinder our overall experience, as Stake is fully translated into Portuguese, boasts a remarkably smooth and swift navigability, and offers a support team that is always readily available to assist.

Despite a few drawbacks, we firmly believe that Stake's offer outweighs its disadvantages. We are confident that the benefits of choosing Stake far exceed any possible downsides.

Casino Bonus
Casino Bonus
200% up to $2000
Bonus Deposit
T&C Apply. 18+
Redeem Bonuses

Our conclusion regarding the offers from Stake.

Concluding our examination of the Welcome Bonus Stake and its other offerings, our perspective is well articulated in specific elements of this sports betting site. Concerning the promotion for new customers, it is commendable, albeit burdened by a significantly high wagering requirement.

It's pretty cool that you need to use a promo code to activate Stake's bonus, but it does require you to have that coupon. Otherwise, there won't be any promotions available to you. That's why we suggest using our code to sign up and follow the instructions to activate the offer this website has – ensuring you get your extra credits to bet with.

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
200% up to $2000
T&C Apply. 18+
Redeem Bonuses

Frequently asked questions about the Stake bonus.

What is the Stake bonus code?

We at South Africa247 have unveiled the bonus code for Stake and shared it in our article when reviewing the welcome offer of this website. Discover the code you need to enter to activate the promotion for new customers by reading this text.

✔️ How to use the Stake promotional code?

Before you use Stake's code, we recommend reading our tips on the necessary data verification requirements and submission of other documents. We share these and other helpful tips for you to use, so check them out!

What is the amount of the Stake bonus?

The amount you are entitled to varies depending on the size of your deposit. Discover the exact value of this promotion in our article!

How can I join the Stake VIP program?

We suggest perusing our comprehensive Review of this website's offering to acquire a comprehensive understanding of Stake's VIP program. Embark on a journey through our assessment, delving into the depths of the perks and privileges bestowed upon members of Stake's esteemed VIP community. Explore the luxurious world of exclusivity, where rewards and benefits await those who make the leap into the realm of VIP status. Join us as we uncover the intricate details and intricacies of this illustrious program, arming you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. Step into the unrivaled realm of Stake's VIP experience and discover a universe of opulence and special treatment.

What are all the bonuses offered by Stake?

Stake goes above and beyond merely providing benefits to its new customers. This betting website offers promotions for both existing account holders and newly registered individuals. The advantages are highly varied. In certain instances, you will receive promotional credit, while in others, you will partake in tournaments. Discover some of the offers available on this site in our article about Stake's promotions.

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  • An incredible variety of slots.
  • Great live gaming section
  • High-quality game developers
Stake Casino Bonus
200% up to $2000
Bonus Code
Visit Stake Casino
T&C Apply. 18+
  • An incredible array of sports
  • Versatile probability calculator
  • Live streaming of numerous games
Stake Sports Bonus
200% up to $2000
Bonus Code
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