Novomatic has more than 40 years of experience creating casino software. Formed in 1980 it spent the first 30 years of its existence creating casino games for brick and mortar casinos. It was here where it developed a reputation for creating high quality titles that grab the attention of players. When it noticed the burgeoning online casino market it decided to make the move into online casino games as well. It did this by setting up a subsidiary, Greentube. Set up in 2010 this saw Novomatic creating some extremely well received online casino games. Greentube soon built up a strong name for itself which saw it competing with some of the biggest names on the market. Novomatic has become a big name player within the online casino industry, with both desktop and mobile titles available for players to enjoy. It’s likely to continue growing at a fast rate which could see the company compete with some of the more established online software developers.

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What Makes Novomatic So Good?

1. Rich history of casino games

2. Great visuals

3. Enjoyable bonus features

4. High levels of innovation on show

5. Great roster of titles

Best Novomatic Games

Novomatic games

1) Apollo God of the Sun

2) Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe

3) Book of Ra

4) Blazing Fruits Pro 20

Quality of Software - Graphics and Sound

Novomatic uses a great graphical style for its games. There is a mix of both cartoon style and realistic style used on all of the graphics. It makes sure that players can get both a light hearted tone and a more serious tone depending on the kind of game that is on offer. No matter what style Novomatic decides to use for its games, the quality is still extremely high. This means that players are able to enjoy a good range of visuals on a great selection of game styles. Novomatic has built up a great reputation for creating fantastic looking games which helps to bring in players to its titles.

The animation has also been created to a very high level for Novomatic games. So the high quality visuals all look very smooth on the screen. It means that all of the titles play without any stutters or jerks. This definitely helps to keep the player engaged as jerky animations can often put players off.

The combination of the great graphics and superb animations means that Novomatic titles have a superb visual package on offer. Players can easily become immersed in the game as the visual effects are of such a high quality.


The sounds that are used for Novomatic games are also of a high quality. It provides superb background music to help players get into the mood to play. The sound effects are also very fitting for the type of game as well. It means that the whole aural experience is a good one.

On the whole Novomatic has created a great aesthetic package for players. The visuals and sounds complement each other very well. High quality drawings are combined with fantastic sounds to make sure that players fully enjoy the gameplay experience. It’s testament to the hard work that Novomatic has put into its games.

Novomatic Games

Even though Novomatic hasn’t been a part of the online iGaming market for a huge amount of time, it’s still managed to build up a high quality roster in that time. It has some top level games that grab the attention of players with highly impressive graphics, enjoyable features and industry defining innovations. It means that players can enjoy a great selection of extremely entertaining titles. The prizes on offer also range from around 500 times the player stake all of the way up to more than 5,000 times the stake. This gives players the opportunity to grab some fantastic prizes which can make the games very rewarding.

It’s not just video slots that Novomatic offers though. It also allows players to enjoy a great selection of table games as well. There are also progressive jackpot games to play. This means that if the higher paying video slots don’t offer rewards as high as you would like, you can try to play for some much bigger prizes. These can often offer the chance to win life changing amounts of money. It means that lots of players move towards progressive jackpot games due to the big prizes on offer.

It means that as well as a great range of different styles of games Novomatic also has a great selection of prizes available as well.

Novomatic FAQ

💡 Does Novomatic offer live dealer casino games?

Novomatic doesn’t offer players the ability to play live dealer games at the moment. This is because it focuses on video slots for the online market. Because it also creates a lot of brick and mortar casino games, it’s unlikely that Novomatic will make the move towards creating live dealer games at any point in the near future.

💡 Does Novomatic offer a free trial version of its titles?

At brick and mortar casinos there are no free trial versions of its games. However, at online casinos there are often free trial versions of games. This is to allow players to get used to games before they start to play for real money. Not all online casinos offer this feature though, so it’s important to check before you begin playing to ensure that you don’t accidentally start spending real money when you think it is a demo version.

💡 Does Novomatic have a regulatory license?

Novomatic has regulation in place from some of the very best regulators on the market. It means that players can trust Novomatic when they start playing. It also allows players to relax in regards to security and fairness, because the regulators will withdraw their license if Novomatic don’t behave appropriately.