Online Casinos in Kenya

Online casino gambling is extremely popular in Kenya. The gambling laws within the country were set up in the 1960s, so obviously there is no actual mention of online casinos in these laws. However, this doesn’t mean that online casinos are not available. There was originally a state backed online casino that was located in Kenya available for players, however, this site shut down and there are now no online casinos located within the country. It doesn’t mean that Kenyan players have had to stop playing at online casinos though. It just means that offshore sites have become the favoured way for Kenyan players to enjoy online casinos. This is a very large market and it regularly brings in huge numbers of players every single year.

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Online Casinos in Kenya

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Kenyan players don’t have to worry about online casinos not being legal. Because brick and mortar casinos are completely legal, they are covered under the same regulation as them. It means that there is no danger of being prosecuted for playing at an online casino. While there are no direct taxes on the players at Kenyan casinos, the casinos themselves have to pay a 20% tax. It means that players get to take home all of their winnings when playing and don’t have to worry about paying out large chunks.

Most online sites tend to be offshore sites now. This is because the state supported online casino closed down. Obviously, this didn’t mean that Kenyan players had to stop playing, it just meant that they had to find somewhere else to play.

While the country itself doesn’t provide dedicated regulation anymore, the offshore casinos that are available do. It means that Kenyan players do have an excellent choice of highly regulated and trustworthy sites to play at. This means that players are able to find sites that will keep their data safe and behave in a fair manner when playing there. Some sites will allow players to use Kenyan currency too, especially if the site is based in a close area such as South Africa.

South Africa

It is extremely helpful to Kenyan players that South Africa has such a vibrant online casino network. Because it’s a relatively close country, it means that Kenyan players have access to a number of online casinos that aren’t too far away from Kenya culturally. As a large market it means that Kenyan players have access to high quality sites very easily. These sites are also more likely to use currencies that are useful to Kenyan players.

The South African sites also have a range of legislation in place to make sure that they are legitimate. It means that they could have regulation from trusted regulators such as Malta or Curacao. It means Kenyan players can feel more at ease playing at the site as it is more likely to behave in a fair manner. On top of this the level of security that is in place is much stronger and protects player data to a higher level.

Video Slots

Video slots are without a doubt the most popular forms of games on the market at the moment. Because of this it is not a shock that Kenyan players enjoy playing the titles. Almost all online casinos that are available to Kenyan players have a good range of video slots to play. This is especially true of South African casinos which have a very strong market for video slots. Players are able to enjoy a number of different slot varieties, including progressive jackpot slots. These tend to offer much bigger prizes to players and can award life changing wins.

Table Games

Players in Kenya are also given access to a great selection of table game choices. All of the classic casino table games can be played by Kenyan online casino players. So if you’re a fan of card games or Roulette then you will be well served when playing at an online casino in Kenya. There are also a great selection of live dealer titles on offer too. These are more immersive than standard online casino games so do provide a slightly different experience.

The one aspect of live dealer games that might be difficult for players is that they need fast internet connections. Due to the high quality video streaming that the games use, fast internet speed is a must to get the most out of these games.

Other Games

Players can also enjoy other types of games at online casinos too. Both lotteries and Bingo are offered to players in Kenya at online casinos. This makes sure that there is a good variety of different games to play. These can also be accessed at offshore casinos located in places like South Africa too.


Players who enjoy online gambling in Kenya have a fantastic selection of sites to play at. There is no worry about finding somewhere that has a high quality. It’s also completely legal too, so carrying out in a clandestine manner is not required.