Online Casinos in Mauritius

Playing at online casinos is an extremely popular pastime in Mauritius. However, it is quite a complex and complicated situation when it comes to legality. While online casino operators are allowed to gain a license to operate an online casino in the country, there hasn’t been an online operator for around 10 years. However, playing at an online casino is still legal within the country, even though there aren’t any available within Mauritius. It means that players have to play at offshore casinos if they want to play at online casinos. There are a number available to players with South Africa providing a large number.

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Online Casinos in Mauritius

Choose a great South African casino


Players in Mauritius have a strange situation to deal with. Although playing at an offshore online casino is legal for them, allowing Mauritian players to play at one is illegal. So this means that if a site is found to be operating for Mauritian players then it can be stopped. This doesn’t mean that the site will be shutdown, as if it is located outside of Mauritius then it means that the ISP within the country can block players from being able to access the site.

What is important to note is that the law is against the site itself. So if a player is caught playing at one of these sites they are not at risk of any kind of prosecution. This means that players don’t have to worry about playing at offshore casinos as they are perfectly legal when doing so.

The best thing to do when choosing an online casino to play at is to read through high quality casino reviews. By doing this you will be able to ensure that you find a site that you’re playing at doesn’t just offer a high quality range of games, but it’s also a safe site to play at. You can make sure that the offshore site has regulation in place, this is always a good sign to help you to keep yourself save when playing online.

South Africa

Many players in Mauritius choose to play at online casinos that are provided by South African operators. This is because they tend to have high quality regulation in place. It ensures that players don’t have to worry about safety as South African regulation is quite tight. On top of this South African sites tend to have a lot of features that Mauritian players enjoy. A lot of this is due to the two nations being quite similar culturally.

What’s also good about South African sites is that they allow players from across the world to play at them. So as long as you are able to access the site through your web browser then you don’t have to worry about whether you’re allowed to play there. This puts players in a much better situation than if they were playing at a UK based casino which might only allow players from within the UK to play there.

Video Slots

Video slots are easily the most popular form of casino games available to players. They have dominated the market and that is why there is a constant stream of new titles every single week. Players in Mauritius have access to many different kinds of high quality video slot games. Everything from new releases to the old classic progressive jackpot games can be played here. This comes from being able to play at offshore sites that give players access to some great titles. There are also titles that are more unique available, so if a player wants to try out a game that has a bit more innovation included this is also available.

Table Games

Table games can also be found at the offshore casinos available in Mauritius. Players can try out all of the expected games when playing at an offshore online casino. So, if a player is a fan of Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker or Roulette, they don’t have to worry about not being able to find the game. All of these titles are available, with all of them offering a number of variants to players as well.

Mauritian players can also enjoy live dealer table games. These give players the chance to enjoy all of the previously mentioned table games, but with a real life dealer carrying out proceedings. It means that a more immersive experience is available to enjoy. These games can be played 24 hours a day and all it needs is a fast internet connection to play. There’s no need for any extra software to be downloaded, just open up your browser and start playing.

Other Games

There are plenty of other games that can be enjoyed at online casinos in Mauritius. Players have access to Plinko, Keno, Craps and lots of other casino games. It means that there is a massive selection of different games that provides lots of variety to players.


Mauritian players have access to plenty of different online casinos. The only issue is that some ISPs might stop players from accessing them. However, once a player has found a site to play at then the choice that’s on offer is absolutely fantastic and completely legal.