The popularity of online gambling grows in South Africa. This demands for convenient ways to make Rand deposits with casinos to increase. Casinos are responding with a range of payment methods, one of the most popular of which is Easy EFT.

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What is Easy EFT

Easy EFT is a way of making payments securely that is already used by many South Africans. EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer. It is a simple process by which one person sends money directly from their bank account to another bank account. The money never leaves the banking system. By this it is more secure than other methods of transferring money. For example by using a credit card. EasyEFT is also quicker than writing a check.

Easy EFT is a version of the EFT process designed specifically for South African residents. It is the same as regular EFT, but is only available to those with a South African bank account. Many South Africans already use Easy EFT to pay for a wide range of services, and now you can use it to deposit funds with your favourite online casino.

How do use Easy EFT

Once you have found a casino that suits your needs and offers the facility to make EasyEFT deposits, the process of depositing funds is simple. Just click on the relevant icon or on-screen option and you will be guided through the process. To make an Easy EFT deposit, you will need your bank account number and a routing number. The routing number identifies your bank’s location and can be found on your bank statement or check book.

By using Easy EFT, you are effectively creating a link between your account and the online casino’s cashier. The money is transferred within the banking system. Transfers usually go through immediately. When using Easy EFT, there is no need to go through a currency transfer process as it is designed to work with the Rand. It is worth noting that many casinos require a minimum deposit when using Easy EFT, usually in the range of 20 to 25 Rand.

Where to Use Easy EFT

The number of casinos that offer Easy EFT is growing all the time. You can generally find which sites support this deposit method with an internet search. You could also look at the banking details page on an individual casino’s site. If you have found a casino that suits your playing style but you aren’t sure if they offer Easy EFT deposits, you can always join the site and then ask. You may even find that some sites offer a bonus for using the Easy EFT deposit system.

Does using EFT limit my choice of games?

In a word, no! If your casino offers the EasyEFT deposit method, then you can use your funds to play any of their games. This goes from slots to video poker and table games. Using Easy EFT will not restrict your ability to play the full range of online casino games. Most South African casino sites also support smart-phone and tablet access. You should be able to make your Easy EFT deposit via your mobile device, at your convenience.

Is Easy EFT safe?

Safety is a major concern when transferring money, and both casinos and players are keen to ensure that such transactions are secure. Easy EFT is one of the safest methods of money transfer available, because the money never leaves the banking system. Online casinos employ some of the most up to date security and encryption systems available.

Pros and Cons of Easy EFT

The advantages of the EasyEFT system are considerable. As it is designed for South African residents, players are able to deposit funds with their favourite casino without having to exchange their Rand for other currencies. It is free of charge, the funds are generally transferred to the casino instantaneously. Easy EFT is one of the safest methods for sending money. With more and more casinos offering Easy EFT deposits, you can use this method of money transfer to play a huge range of online casino games.

The only downside of EasyEFT is that there can be a short delay of up to two days to withdraw your funds using this method. Some casinos may also charge a small fee for an Easy EFT withdrawal. Make sure that you check for this on their banking page or clarify it with their customer service support before making an Easy EFT deposit.

💡 Is EasyEFT safe to use?

Yes, EasyEFT is absolutely safe to use. You pay directly from your bank account, so you don't have to share credit card details.

💡 Do many online casinos support EasyEFT?

Yes, although EasyEFT is not really common in a lot of international online casinos, most of the sites listed on your page do accept EasyEFT.

💡 Is EasyEFT expensive?

No, the transaction fees of EasyEFT transfers are low. Most of the online casinos do not calculate extra fees for the usage.

💡 What banks offer EasyEFT payments?

Most of the African banks offer EasyEFT. A few examples: Standard Bank, ABSA, FNB and Nedbank.

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