Online Casinos in Namibia

Namibia is one of the lesser known African countries out there. However, it still has plenty of online gambing options for players. With both lotteries and sports betting heavily covered and regulated, these options are easy to get hold of for players. However, there are other options on the market for players to enjoy as well. Online casinos are very well stocked within Namibia, with lots of different offshore sites allowing players to easily enjoy the games that are offered. It’s a market that has grown significantly since it was introduced when the internet started to take off in the country.

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Online Casinos in Namibia

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Online gambling is legal in Namibia. There are regulations in place for both lotteries and land based casinos. However, at this moment in time online casinos don’t have any regulations in place. This means that players who want to use an online casino won’t be able to find a site that is based within Namibia. However, there are offshore casinos available, which ensures that it’s easy enough to start playing online casino games.

It means that players have the ability to play at online casinos that are located in areas such as South Africa. It means that the regulations that are in place to ensure these casinos can operate correctly. It provides some safety and security to Namibian players.

One thing that does impact Namibian players is that Namibian dollars aren’t accepted at any online casinos at the moment. This means that when making deposits there will be an exchange rate applied that will eat into any winnings that are withdrawn. Of course if players are allowed to use cryptocurrency then this can remove some of the issues around currency conversion.

South Africa

As already mentioned, South Africa is one of the most common areas that players in Namibia use to play online casinos. These sites are located offshore and because of this they have regulation from other areas. Licenses from Malta, the UK, Sweden and Curacao are all common at these sites. Because South Africa is also relatively close to Namibia it means that there aren’t too many cultural differences between what the site offers to players. While Namibian dollars aren’t offered by South African sites, some of them do allow crypto as a payment method which removes some of the barriers to play.

The best thing about choosing South African online casinos to play at is that there are regulations in place to ensure player safety. This is extremely important as playing at a black market site can often lead to certain dangers. Lack of fairness and security are just two of the issues that players might come across when playing at a black market site. By choosing a regulated casino players can trust where they are playing much more.

Video Slots

With video slots currently leading the way in terms of what’s on offer to players, it’s no surprise that they are extremely popular with Namibian players. Video slots give players the ability to enjoy the excitement and zest that brick and mortar casinos, but through spinning the reels in their own home. There are some fantastic games available to players, including progressive jackpot games which can provide players with wins that will change their lives. There are also the popular slots available to players, so the biggest names are all there to enjoy.

Table Games

In terms of table games Namibian players don’t have to worry about missing out. There are all of the traditional casino table games available for players to enjoy. This means that Roulette and all of the standard card based games can be enjoyed when playing in Namibia. While they’re not quite as popular as video slots, they do still offer some classic casino gaming and often will have higher RTP values offered to players.

There are also live dealer titles for players to play. These provide players with the opportunity to enjoy casino table games, but with a real life dealer taking them through it. It uses high quality video streams to put the dealer in the front room of the player. These titles do require faster internet connections than other games, but they also provide much more immersion to players.

Other Games

It’s not just slots and traditional casino games that you can enjoy at online casinos either. There are also other options available. Games such as Bingo, Plinko, lotteries and fishing games can all be played at online casinos. These titles are available at South African casinos, so Namibian players don’t have to worry about missing out on games just because they have to play at offshore casinos.


Online gambling is totally legal within Namibia, it’s just that it’s not regulated. So, you will have no problems finding the right site to play at. As a bonus, South Africa is quite close so it’s easy enough to find a site that is regulated and has high levels of security and fairness in place.