eCOGRA casino

The South African online casino market has exploded over the last two decades. South African players are presented with a dizzying variety of casino sites every time they go online. This rapid growth has been good news in many ways. A competitive market means casinos have to go out of their way to attract new customers with bonuses, offers and promotions. By offering a high quality of playing experience and customer service.

Unfortunately, there has also been a downside to this growth. A small minority of online casinos have been set up by unscrupulous operators. Unwary players using these sites may find that the games they are playing are not truly fair. So that their winnings are not paid out and that complaints go unanswered. So how can South African online players guarantee that they casino they are using is legitimate? One answer is to look out for an eCOGRA casino.

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eCOGRA casino

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What is eCOGRA?

eCOGRA stands for eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. Founded in 2003 by some of the online casino industry’s leading figures. It is a third-party organization that sets standards for the online gambling industry. Its main aim is to protect players and to ensure online casino quality. Over the years it has established itself as the most respected guarantor of fairness and protection standards in the global casino industry.

What does eCOGRA do?

All online casino operators who wish to receive the eCOGRA seal of approval have to apply for the organisation’s Play it Safe Seal. In order to receive this recommendation, the operator has to demonstrate that they are offering games that are fair and transparent. And that they are treating their customers correctly and that they are behaving responsibly as a business. Any site that is awarded the Play it Safe Seal is continually tested by eCOGRA. This is done to ensure ongoing compliance with its Generally Accepted Practices. Also known as eGAP.

What is eGAP?

eGAP is made up of a number of protocols, with which all eCOGRA casinos have to comply. These include ensuring that all player information is kept secure. Furthermore that financial transactions are handled properly, and that all of the online casino’s software is regularly reviewed and maintained. eGAP protocols also require online casinos to maintain standards of fairness across all of their games. And to advertise and market their site responsibly. This while taking active measures to prevent illegal activity, including money laundering.

Fairness verification

One of the most important factors for South African online casino players when choosing a casino is fairness. You need to know that the games you are playing produce fair and random results and are not rigged, deliberately or unintentionally. In order to earn a Play it Safe Seal from eCOGRA, an online casino has to demonstrate to eCOGRA’s expert panel that the games it offers are fair. eCOGRA also works with the companies that produce the original gaming software to ensure that the games are fair to begin with.

By using a kind of testing known as Total Gaming Transaction Review (TGTR), eCOGRA monitors inputs and outputs from a casino’s software system. They are verifying payout percentages, checking all completed transactions, and conducting spot checks of transactions. In combination with a range of data summary analyses and regular testing of the software itself. By this eCOGRA is able to confirm the integrity of an online casino’s Random Number Generator and its associated payout percentages in order to provide a guarantee of fairness for players.


As an online casino player, you want to be sure that the site you are using is legitimate. And that your personal and financial information is protected, that the games you are playing are fair, and that in the event of a problem. Then you will receive the correct level of customer service.

By choosing an eCOGRA online casino, you will be able to put your mind at rest on these issues. eCOGRA is not the only third-party approval organisation for online casinos. It is one of the most respected in the world, and by using an eCOGRA casino, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. When you are choosing a new casino, look out for the Play it Safe Seal. This indicates that the site is fully compliant with eCOGRA’s practices, giving you peace of mind when you play.