Sportstake Lottery

The Sportstake Lottery is an online gambling option that is linked to the National Lottery. It’s very similar to a sports betting choice, however it has aspects of the lottery linked to it. It is probably closer to the pools in how it works and how players are able to play it. It’s relatively simple to play and there are a few different options available to players.

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Sportstake Lottery

How to Play

Basically, players have to choose the correct outcome to a number of different soccer games. These can come from any league in the world, so some games could be from the English Premier League and some could come from the Italian Serie A. The games differ on every draw, so there is no guarantee that it will be a league you know a lot about.

Players have to choose a number of results and need to get them correct in order to win. The score of the game doesn’t have to be chosen, just whether it will be a home win, away win or a draw. It’s really that easy.

There are two different ways to play Sportstake, with each one offering different positives and negatives.

Where can you Enter?

You can enter into the Sportstake lottery at any retailer that covers it. In there you just fill out your form and then you will be able to play. You can also play online at the lottery website, here it works just like the lottery. You sign up to the site, fund your account and then you can use your funds to play the Sportstake lottery.

The only caveat that’s in place for the Sportstake lottery is that all entries must be placed at least 30 minutes before the game begins.

Sportstake 13

Sportstake 13 is very simple. In this version of the game players have to choose the correct result for 13 games. While that might seem like a lot, if players manage to get 10 right then that will award a prize. Every result on top of that will increase the amount that is offered with all 13 paying out the jackpot.

The cost to play is R2 for each attempt. Players can have as many attempts as they like, as long as the R2 is paid each time, but only 3 boards at a time can be filled out so another board will have to be completed after that if you want more than 3 goes. The games are laid out in a list and then players need to mark next to each game how they think the game will finish. If they think it will be a home win then they have to enter a “1” next to it, if they think it will be a draw then they need to enter an “X” next to it and if they think it will be an away win then they need to enter a “2” next to it.

Sportstake 13 is offered to players twice a week. The first list is released on Sunday for games during the week, the second list is released on Thursdays for the weekend games.

Prizes in Sportstake 13

Sportstake 13 starts paying out to players when 10 results are predicted correctly. 10, 11, 12 and 13 correct results all get a percentage of the pot paid out to them. The percentage is then split between all the winners in that group. Obviously, the more correct results, the fewer people there will be. If there are no jackpot winners then that portion of the prize pool will be rolled over to the next week.

- 10 results gets 35%

- 11 results gets 20%

- 12 results gets 15%

- 13 results gets 30%

While the people who get 10 results correct get the highest percentage of the pool, there will be more of them than any other result, so each player will get a lower payout than the people who got more results correct.

Sportstake 8

Sportstake 8 works slightly differently to Sportstake 13. There are just 8 fixtures to choose from. While this might sound easy at first, it actually is much more difficult. For each game that’s on the board players have to predict both the half time result and the final result. So it means that in total to win the jackpot players will need to get 16 different results correct, 2 for each game. Just like Sportstake 13 it costs R2 to play.

Sportstake 8 is offered to players three times a week, but the days that the lists are released varies depending on what leagues are playing and how the fixtures are laid out.

Prizes in Sportstake 8

Sportstake 8 works in a similar manner to Sportstake 13 in how it pays out. Players need to get a certain number of the results correct before any payouts are made. It uses a percentage system just like the Sportstake 13 does.

- 13 results gets 25%

- 14 results gets 15%

- 15 results gets 20%

- 16 results gets 40%

As you can see here a clean sweep gets the highest percentage of the payout. So it means that players can potentially get a much bigger payout when playing Sportstake 8 when compared to Sportstake 13. This makes sense because it is more difficult as players need to get 16 results correct in total rather than 13.

What else should we know?

One important aspect to know is that if a match is abandoned it will automatically be declared as you got it correct. It means that in theory if all matches on your form are abandoned then everyone will win. Of course it would be more likely that the stakes would be returned in this scenario as it is extremely unlikely. However, it’s still good to know that abandoned games give you an instant correct result as this could be the difference between a small win and nothing if you had previously got 9 correct.